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From Yo-Yo Day to Celebration of the Senses Day!
Unusual JUNE Holidays!

by Shaonta Allen

June is the seventh month of the year, and it’s named for the legendary Roman beauty Juno, wife of Jupiter, Queen of all the Gods and also the goddess of marriage. She was worshipped as a housewife and mother and matron, who watched over all Roman women, especially married women. The astrological signs Taurus and Gemini also rise in June. Summer begins on June 21, and boasts more daylight hours than any other month in the year. In addition to all of this June is also filled with several unusual and unknown holidays!

National Yo Yo dayJUNE 6 | NATIONAL YO-YO DAY
Each year one of the most popular children’s toys ever, the Yo-Yo, is celebrated. Invented in ancient Greece, Yo-Yo Day was created in honor of Donald F. Duncan, Sr. who was born on June 6, 1892, an entrepreneur and the inventor and founder of the Duncan Toys Company. He’s most commonly associated with the Yo-Yo, and the commercial success he enjoyed during the 20th century largely as the result of his marketing efforts. You might want to pick one up this day and ponder life’s many “ups and downs”. Or you could refresh your “walking the dog” skills, if still remembered from childhood.

Although this phrase is most commonly used by bartenders when inquiring from customers which alcoholic beverage they want, June 8th is about celebrating your ability to make choices. To participate in the observance of this holiday, simply make a definitive choice about something in your life. Participants of this holiday are encouraged to convince others around them to make decisions on this day as well.

Flag DayJUNE 14 | FLAG DAY
Celebrated on June 14th, this day is the anniversary of the official adoption of the Stars and Stripes as the design of the U.S. flag. On this day, the world-famous red, white and blue flag proudly waves from doors and roofs on buildings all over the country. Celebrate by taking a moment to thank your lucky stars and stripes that you were born in the country, or wise enough to have moved here, and pledge your allegiance to the flag!

Father's dayJUNE 16 | FATHER’S DAY
The third Sunday of every June is dedicated to celebrating the man of the family, the state of fatherhood or paternal bonds. It was originally created as a complement to Mother’s Day. Father’s Day was officially established at an event in 1910 in Spokane, WA by then-President Woodrow Wilson. Common Father’s Day gifts include greeting cards, sports equipment, tools and electronics.

JuneteenthJUNE 19 | JUNETEENTH
This important national holiday commemorates the announcement of  President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, the conclusion of the Civil War and the ending of slavery, by Union General Gordon Granger, in Galveston, TX on June 19th 1865. The word 'Juneteenth' is a blend of 'June' and 'nineteenth.' For decades Juneteenth existed predominantly as a local festival, but recently it has spread throughout the country as an expression of African-American culture. The day is associated traditionally with barbecuing and with themes of education and self-improvement.

Dump the Pump DayJUNE 18 | DUMP THE PUMP DAY
On this day, the American Public Transportation Association and many citizens across the country will celebrate “Dump the Pump Day.” The purpose of this holiday is to encourage people to utilize the public transportation offered in their cities instead of driving. If you’re interested in lowering your carbon footprint (find out how large yours is by clicking here then join others as they dump the pump and hop on the bus or train! Using public transportation is the easiest and most convenient way to beat high gas prices.

Summer SolsticeJUNE 21 | SUMMER SOLSTICE
Scientifically speaking, summer solstice refers to when the tilt of the earth’s axis places the planet at its highest and closest point to the sun. In layman’s terms, June 21st is the first day of summer! Various cultures celebrate this day differently. In America, the “longest day of the year” is celebrated with festivals, cook outs, and pool parties.

Celebration of the SensesNow, I like the sound of this! The human body is equipped with five sensory capabilities: seeing, hearing, tasting, touching and smelling. However, most humans rely most heavily on their sight to provide them with information about the world around them. So instead of neglecting the others, June 24th is dedicated to appreciating and stimulating the other senses. Studies have shown that adequately using all of your senses improves your mood and overall health. Some suggestions for celebrating this holiday include, going outside and closing your eyes as you listen to the sounds, feel the breezes and try to pick up on the scents of the outdoors. Turn on music that you normally don't listen to, relax, and fully take in the music. Try to pick out the different instruments used. Or eat something you've never tasted before. Close your eyes as you eat it.

“The National Organization for Women” known throughout the world as NOW, was founded on June 30th 1966., and is the largest organization made up of feminist activists in the United States. The organization’s sole purpose  is to bring about equality for all women, no easy task, for sure. To participate in this holiday, women (as well as men), are encouraged to get involved with feminist issues like reproductive rights, sex discrimination, racism and violence. / Issue 170 - September 5055
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