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Me, “What are you doing here?”

Jay Leno, “I had to go to the bathroom.”

Me, “Why are you in my bathroom...and wearing my bathrobe? How did you get here?”

Jay, “It’s TV Everywhere. You gotta love it!”

In case you haven't heard of it, TV Everywhere brings TV literally everywhere, in the U.S. anyway. But before we talk about that, let’s look at how TV is evolving, and new, immersive TV experiences are coming on strong!

At an NBC press event during the Television Critics Association meeting in Los Angeles this past August, I watched Jay Leno's Joyride in 360 degree VR, a format called spherical. It’s a demo to promote Jay Leno’s Garage, premiering Wednesday nights beginning October 7th at 10pm on CNBC . To shoot Joyride, a special rig used eight GoPro cameras pointing in all directions. Wearing an Oculus headset, that is, a pair of googles with an iPhone mounted in it, you can move your head to look in any direction, up, down, side or back. It really feels like you’re there.
Jay Leno

My head is smaller then most, so there had to be some adjusting to put the Oculus head gear on me. You can't wear glasses while using it either, so initially I felt blind as a bat. Once adjusted though, it was great not to have glasses to see. Next the headphone cans went over my ears, or rather my jaw, because I’m small. Once squared away to make everything fit me, the joy ride began.

OculusFirst of all, Jay's there in person (!) and he talks about cars! And you get to see his garage! As Jay is talking, I turn my head from side to side, up and down to see all the cars and the garage. Then I'm sitting next to Jay as he's driving down the road in the “tank car”, a sports car with a huge engine that began its life on a Sherman tank. At the highway, he merges with a big scary truck, right next to me. It's like I'm floating on top of the hood above Jay, and its an indescribably exhilarating out of body experience. Is this what it feels like to be in the Star Trek holodeck?

Coming back down to Earth, let’s talk about the many options already available, on which to enjoy watching more conventional TV Everywhere.

First, you can find Game of Thrones, House of Cards or Seinfeld. While it may not be free, it can be much cheaper buying a program a la carte, instead of as part of a cable bundle. But be warned, it’s far from a seamless experience. Navigation, that is, finding what you want to watch, is a big challenge. In this fragmented world of cord-cutter TV. Now that your favorite show is in the cloud somewhere, still doesn’t necessarily mean you can reach it to watch it.
Game of Thrones
Just to be clear, these days you can watch TV on your computer, tablet, Roku, AppleTV, Google Chromecast, Xbox, SmartTV or Blu-ray player. A SmartTV has apps, and it's like a smart phone. Almost every network and streaming service has an app for use on many devices.

If you love TV and want to watch it anywhere, anytime, it’s time to think about cutting the cord. Or, do what many AT&T U-Verse customers do, watch everything everywhere, for as much as $170 a month at the high end. Satellite TV provider DirecTV was bought recently by AT&T for $48 billion, adding to AT&T’s six million U-Verse households, the 21 million DirecTV U.S. households, and DirecTV’s 18 million households in Latin America. AT&T is now the largest pay-TV broadcaster in the world, with 48 million customers.

Netflix doesn’t have satellites or cables, but it does have a lot of subscribers, 41 million in the U.S. and 25 million more internationally. Netflix is a diferent type of TV delivery called OTT or over-the-top. Earlier this year, #1 cable provider Comcast saw for the first time the number of its broadband customers surpass the number of its cable TV customers, reaching 22 million each. A lot of those broadband customers are getting Netflix for $8 a month instead of cable TV for $50+.

Netflix makes their own television shows, including House of Cards, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Orange Is the New Black and Grace and Frankie. Available on PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, PC, phone, SmartTV and Blu-ray players.

If you want your OTT TV free, you can watch online at,,,, and In 2013, CBS chairman Les Moonves broke Time-Warner Cable’s exclusive retransmission rights on broadcast,so CBS can offer their own OTT service. CBS offers OTT pay TV services, plus CBS owns Showtime which also has it’s own app.

Small networks, such as the arts channel Ovation, don’t have the clout CBS used when threatening to withhold NFL football from TWC. Small networks are still locked into exclusive transmission contracts that won’t let them put their first-run programming on OTT for free or as pay TV. Small networks often get as little as five cents a year per customer in licensing fees from the cable company.

Netflix isn’t the only OTT pay TV. Big networks that started as cable and went OTT include,, and Pay TV streaming services often offer sample episodes to get you interested. Free streaming services include Sling TV, GooglePlay, YouTube and VuDu.

Streaming player devices include Roku, Apple TV, Google Chromecast. If you have a SmartTV or smart Blu-ray player, or an Xbox, you already have a streaming player. Every service is a little different in the content it carries, so you may have to buy something more to get a particular show you want to see.

Apple iTunes makes it easy to find and buy content for your Apple devices. You can also pre-order a season of TV so it’s on your device as soon as it’s released.

Amazon Prime is a mix of shows you can see for free, labeled as Prime, or Pay-per-View (PPV). Download to your Kindle or watch on your SmartTV. What’s free on Prime changes. Later a movie may have a cost or not be available at all. Same with Netflix.

Amazon has Amazon Studios that develops and produces their own TV shows. Prime membership costs $99 a year. Prime membership also grants free two-day shipping on Amazon purchases,and  free one-day shipping in some areas. Amazon asks viewers to vote on their pilots to help them decide what to make. Two pilots to watch now are Casanova, a period piece about Casanova’s life in Paris when he was banished, and Sneaky Pete, about an ex-con who takes the identity of a bail bondsman who tracks down crooks. Amazon also makes the political comedy Alpha House, crime drama Bosch, and Golden Globe-winning Transparent.

The Hotwives of Las VegasIf you’re a fan of The Mindy Project, formerly on Fox, you need HuluPlus. The fourth season will premiere there on September 15th. HuluPlus costs $8 per month. It offers current programs from FOX, NBC, ABC, and the CW. For $6 more you can add CBS shows. Hulu also creates original content. Casual about a brother who’s a bachelor and his newly divorced sister living in the same house, from Jason Reitman, premieres October 7th. The HotWives of Las Vegas is a send-up of the housewife reality series. Created by and starring Dannah Feinglass Phirman and Danielle Schneider, premieres August 18th. RocketJump the Show is about to make short videos with YouTube star Freddie Wong, which will premiere October 21st. Difficult People stars Billy on the Street host Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner as frustrated comedians living in New York City, who hate everyone except each other.

The Art of MoreCrackle, owned by Sony, offers the original series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, starring Jerry Seinfeld. Their first original hour-long drama series premiers November 19th. The Art of More is a 10-episode series set in the world of art auction houses and starring Dennis Quaid. Supermansion is Crackle’s first stop-motion animated series. The 10-episode series premieres October 8th. The League of Freedom Titanium Rex (Bryan Cranston) leads a group of superheroes lost among too many caped crusaders. Matthew Senreich and Zeb Wells of Robot Chicken are creators and writers. Hosted by sportscaster Dan Patrick, the second season of Sports Jeopardy premiers September 23rd. Available on Roku, Sony TVs and Blu-ray players, coming soon to other devices. repackages free content from YouTube and other sources into linear OTT channels such as the 24-hour Cat Channel and the Katy Perry music videos channel. Pluto has lots of sports and sci-fi web series. Lots of channels, eclectic and all free. A&E has a free app that isn’t really free. You can watch some of their shows, but in order to see all you need to be a cable or satellite subscriber. This “to go” service from satellite and cable companies is their response to OTT, to make their content OTT or download-and-play. You can’t skip the ads and there are about four or five commercial breaks per episode. Android, Apple and Kindle.

ABC was one of the first broadcast networks to have a free streaming app. It has full episodes of ABC shows.

CBS app offers another free app. The CW app is also free. You can watch all current shows and some canceled shows on the app. The CW was the first to stream “full load” programming, that is, the full load of commercials like the live channel. Because OTT is not regulated as broadcasting is, you will see commercials for products you wouldn’t normally see on TV, such as alcohol.

The Discovery Channel app is free but few shows are available. FOX Now is a free app that isn’t really free. You have to prove you’re a cable or satellite subscriber to use it.

HBO has a new $15-a-month OTT subscription service called HBO Now. HBO produces Game of Thrones, Original Movies, Real Time with Bill Maher, and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

The History Channel app is free. Similar to the A&E app, there are lots of ads. If that wasn’t bad enough, you have to be a cable or satellite customer.

The Lifetime app is free, but it’s the same deal as the A&E app and the History app. To see much you have to be logged in as a cable or satellite subscriber.

The NBC app is free. Most of the shows are there for viewing, and the app offers a favorite list. It doesn’t require cable or satellite subscription.

Hallmark has an app available in the Apple App store.

Chromecast mirrors whatever is happening on the screen of your Android device. That means video streaming to your Chromecast-equipped HDTV. Press the cast screen button. You get there from the top of your phone. Next tap the name of your Chromecast device. 
Crackle and Watch ABC offer Chromecast streaming.

Satellite provider Dish Network (no relation to our own Dish Mag!) offers Sling TV that has popular basic cable channels and HBO Now. You can get AMC shows, TNT shows, TBS, A&E, and ABC Family for about $20 a month.

TV Everywhere is not a dream. It’s real and here. Prices range from free to costs a lot. Within the next few years there will be even more changes. Apple TV is making changes to be revealed September 9th, 2015. GoPro is launching it’s own channel and the next 3D craze, spherical shot with GoPro cameras, is coming.

Whether it’s OTT with Netflix/Hulu/Amazon or to-go from your satellite or cable provider, TV Everywhere is here. / Issue 173 - September 0200
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