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Hello, all you intelligent and curious Dish Magazine readers! We're always very happy that you take the time from your busy lives to read and hopefully enjoy the feature stories, photographs, tidbits, silliness and whatever else we find intriguing in the world, each and every month!

Though All Booked Up appears in the current October issue, beginning on November 1st you will probably notice that All Booked Up,
one of our most popular columns written by the oh-so-talented Rachel Gladstone, will not appear in the upcoming November issue of Dish. But there is a VERY GOOD reason for that! Rachel will be on a well-deserved hiatus from the demanding Dish Magazine task-masters, and will escape the office to head into the beautiful, dreamy world we live in, far, far away.

For once, she'll be heading out to enjoy life to the fullest! And she's planning to have such a great time, she won't even tell us where she is going, for fear we'll be able to find her and demand she turn in a current column, IMMEDIATELY!

But the good news is, Rachel swears she'll return soon enough, to share with you not only the world's funniest, most original and important books, but perhaps if we're lucky, she'll share with us some of the most thrilling experiences she had on her leave of absence.

So wait with bated breath in anticipation of a very special ALL BOOKED UP, written just for you upon Rachel's return.

Look for it on DECEMBER 1st! / Issue 174 - September 2018
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