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We tend to over complicate things in the modern world, especially when it comes to better health or well-being. We go through trends, books, supplements, diets, and exercise machines like wildfire, searching for energy and youth and fitness through cutting-edge science. But sometimes, every once in a while, we can get lucky and find a solution to these problems that is just so ridiculously simple.

This is one of them...

By liberating ourselves from hot, stuffy clothes before bedtime, we could see some major benefits in fitness, health, energy, and happiness. Yes, you read that right! Getting naked in bed makes us happier humans, as does getting quality sleep! There's a lot going on in the body while we're knocked out for those seven or eight hours every night, much more than most of us realize. In fact, there's so much going on that we actually burn more calories sleeping than we do sitting awake on a couch. So let's take a look at five good reasons to snooze in the nude.


Top personal trainers and fitness experts say it time and time again: rest is just as important as exercise, and quality sleep makes all the difference. If the body can't rebuild itself adequately, then lifting all those heavy weights is a waste of time and energy. When we sleep at night, our body releases the human growth hormone to heal the wear and tear of the day. It's kind of like a little nightly maintenance crew that rebuilds tissues, bones, muscles, and skin. This hormone is triggered when our bodies are in a cool, dormant state. This means that if we get too hot in our sleep, the hormone doesn't get triggered effectively, robbing us of smooth, healthy skin and stronger muscles. It's even helpful for chronic pain and injuries.

Sleep Deprevation ChartEnergy:

Ever try to fall asleep in a hot room? There's a reason we're always searching for the cold side of the pillow. It's just easier to fall and stay asleep when our bodies are cooler, like a bear hibernating in the winter. The heart slows its rhythm and the brain settles down in lower temperatures, which makes for longer, better quality sleep. This means we're not carrying the baggage from yesterday into the morning, and I'd pit quality sleep against any energy drink.

Sleeping woman sculptureHygiene:

Speaking of not getting too hot during sleep, going to bed in the nude keeps us from sweating over night. What's worse is that we just sit and stew in it until we wake up. Our clothes or pajamas can make a hot, damp, dark environment, where nasty stuff can comfortably grow. Being naked erases this nasty environment, and helps the pores of the skin breathe, which combats acne and fungal infections like athlete's foot.

Woman Sleeping nakedSex:

The obvious fact here is when we sleep naked with our partner we're already half-way there, but there's much more to why it makes for better sex and relationships. When we make skin-to-skin contact with our partner, it releases an awesome little hormone called oxytocin. This hormone is responsible for why sex is so damn good: it's a feel good chemical that bonds us to the ones we love on a very physical level. It elevates happiness, lowers stress, reduces blood pressure and helps reduce inflammation... all from being in love.

Sleeping babyHappiness:

There's ultimately a lot of reasons why sleeping nude makes us happier people. Getting adequate rest alone makes our mood ten times better. We can see it in toddlers who missed nap time: when we're tired, our inner toddler wants to cry and throw tantrums. Even if we aren't getting that oxytocin high from skin contact with a lover, quality sleep at the right temperature helps regulate the hormone cortisol, which can cause increased anxiety and weight gain. On top of all this, it helps with body image, teaching us to be comfortable in our own skin and raising our confidence levels.

So join me in this nude revolution. We'll be happy, healthy and sexy in no time.
 / Issue 177 - September 1400
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