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The Dog MasterTHE DOG MASTER A Novel of the First Dog
By W. Bruce Cameron

$25.99 Forge
From New York Times bestselling author, W. Bruce Cameron, comes his latest novel, THE DOG MASTER an imaginative and riveting story about the first relationship between man and man’s best friend.

It’s the present day and Dr. James K. Morby, a renowned professor of archeology, is about to become privy to one of the world’s most amazing discoveries: a dig has unearthed the remains of a 30,000-year-old man who was buried alongside an enormous canine. The remains of this odd couple date from the Paleolithic era, a time when early humans struggled to survive in a harsh and often inhospitable world. Competing with other humans as well as Neanderthals and large predatory animals like lions, bears and wolves for resources, they had no idea that the ice age, fast encroaching on their territory, was the reason they were often left without food sources, while simultaneously enduring unprecedented and dangerously cold temperatures.

As the story of this ancient time unfolds, we meet the characters that populate two tribes who roam the Northern Wilds and have long employed the use of language, tools and rational thought which has kept them alive and continuing to evolve. While love, both joyful and unrequited, familial ties, jealousy and political intrigue mirror modern day society, so too do the follies and foibles of the human condition. But one man named Mal is at the center of the action here, as he’s been forced to live in exile, away from his familial tribe. Between the threat of being attacked by predators or starving to death, it’s almost certain he won’t survive. But fate, it seems, has other plans for him as he finds himself in the company of an injured mother wolf and her cubs. It soon becomes clear that not only do these animals need Mal’s attentions in order to stay alive, he needs them as well. And against all odds, as Mal forms a deep, long-lasting and heartfelt bond with his wild companions, he unknowingly embarks upon a path that will change the course of history forever.

Astounding in scope and emotional density, THE DOG MASTER is a compulsively addictive read. Cameron has a talent for storytelling and creating flesh and blood characters, both human and canine, that grab you by the scruff of the neck and refuse to let go, even long after you’ve finished the final sentence. I was so absorbed by this novel I was unable to put it down for more than a few minutes at a time. And when all was said and done, I knew one thing for sure: I will never look at my dog the same way again.


Miraculous SilenceMIRACULOUS SILENCE A Journey to Illumination and Healing Through Prayer
By Mitra Rahbar
$16.00 Tarcher-Penguin
From spiritual teacher, singer and humanitarian Mitra Rahbar comes an extraordinary guide to meditation and prayer, MIRACULOUS SILENCE.

Through the centuries, many of us have come to believe that true prayer and healing can only take place in a sanctified place of worship, but Mitra Rahbar has another tale to tell. She believes that God hears us, no matter where we choose to pray, and events in her life have reinforced that notion for as long as she can remember. Called to serve as a spiritual guide from a young age, Rahbar has developed a series of prayers and techniques through which each of us can enjoy deep and true spiritual experiences, both in our day-to-day lives and at times when we most need them. Whether we are feeling a general malaise brought on by the tempestuous events of everyday life or are dealing with grief due to illness, a blockage in our path or even a loved one’s death, Rahbar has a prayer for that.

Divided into seven sections, this wonderfully healing book offers Devotional Prayers, Inspirational Prayers, Prayers for Healing, for Illness and Loss, Seasonal Prayers and Everyday Hopes and Prayers, through which we can invite love or new dreams into our lives. Each beautiful and inspirational in their own way, many of the prayers in this book are also accompanied by references as to which stones can be held and which mantras should be repeated while praying. And rounding things out, at the end of this lovely tome, Rahbar answers frequently asked questions concerning prayer, meditation and stone healing as well as offering us a reference guide to the healing powers imbued in those stones, as well as the mantras which hail from various spiritual practices from around the world.

A wonderful and soothing book to add to your collection, MIRACULOUS SILENCE is something you’ll want to reach for over and over. And like a dear and trusted friend, it will never let you down.


Anything For YouANYTHING FOR YOU A Blue Heron Novel
By Kristen Higgins

$7.95 HQN Books

From best-selling author, Kristen Higgins, comes her latest novel in The Blue Heron series, ANYTHING FOR YOU, the story of unrequited love, familial loyalty and the choices we make out of necessity, rather than need.

Jessica Dunn has always been two things: beautiful and the girl from the trailer park with a bad reputation. But now things are different. Although she’s still a knockout, she’s moved up in the world, putting herself through school and becoming Marketing Director for Blue Heron Winery in the small town in the Hudson Valley where she was born and raised.

Supporting both herself and her developmentally challenged brother Davey, she’s definitely come a long way. But there’s just one thing that isn’t working out the way she planned: Connor O’Rourke, a well-known, respected chef and restaurateur in town, who’s loved her since they were kids, and whom she’s been seeing casually, has just proposed. And she’s turned him down.

But Jessica has her reasons. Almost two decades ago, Connor was viciously attacked by her family’s pit bull and although Connor survived, the dog did not. Unfortunately, the dog had to be put down and Davey blamed Connor for his beloved pet’s death. Davey’s developmental problems make reasoning almost impossible for him and despite the fact that the tragedy happened 20 years before, Davey doesn’t understand that fact and simply cannot forgive him. And because Jessica is Davey’s sole guardian, she must make a choice between her brother and Connor, which, when you come down to it, is no choice at all. Because, as much as Jessica needs Connor, Davey needs her more and this leaves the couple at an impasse, forcing them to embark upon an on-again, off-again, secret romance which never lasts for long. Meanwhile, as Connor’s business flourishes and Jessica’s life hits a bunch of crazy twists and turns, the star-crossed lovers secretly long to be an item, a secret they’re keeping from each other as well as everybody else, and whether or not they’ll ever find a way to be together remains anybody’s guess.

Higgins has done it again: written an engaging novel that is absolutely impossible to put down. With characters that come alive on the page and a plot that never lets up, this is a read that stays with you long after you’ve read the last word. If you haven’t read any of Higgins’ wonderful novels, this is a great place to start. And then, if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to go ahead and devour everything else she’s published.


Energies of LoveENERGIES OF LOVE Invisible Keys to a Fulfilling Partnership
By Donna Eden and David Feinstein

$19.00 Tarcher-Penguin
Just in time for Valentine’s Day, authors Donna Eden and David Feinstein, a couple known for their New York Times Bestselling books on energy medicine and energy psychology, present their latest how-to, ENERGIES OF LOVE, a book that teaches us to create a lasting and successful partnership.

Divided into three sections, Part One-The Inherited Aspects of Love explains how and why each of us approaches love in our own way through learned behaviors. Here, we come to understand how we can learn to accept the things that make each of us unique so we can “flow with each other” as we are. Part Two-The Learned Aspects of Love, shows us how we can make changes in these learned emotional behaviors in order to better serve the partnership we have committed to and make communication and communion with our loved one a more fulfilling experience. Part Three-The Mutually Created Aspects of Love concentrates on the intimate side of partnership, stressing the importance of a healthy sex life which can really blossom after we’ve taken what we’ve inherited and learned and carry the best of that knowledge into the bedroom.

Peppered throughout this wonderful guide to achieving a happy, healthy relationship are great exercises, both physical and psychological, which can guide you and your partner through difficult junctures, emotional upheavals and passionate encounters. Well written and easy to understand, this guide is the perfect gift to give the person you love and which might just make the special bond you share stronger than ever before.
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