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For those of you wondering what League of Legends is, look no further! Dish has the answer to any question you might have about this truly incredible and challenging game, which boasts a surprising worldwide audience of 67 million combatants, game-players, and fans, many of whom participate on any given day! And yes, as unbelievable as it sounds, it’s TRUE. Don’t believe us? To see for yourself, visit

League of LegendsLeague of Legends is a “MOBA” (Massive Online Battle Arena) video game, which features two teams of (typically) five players, each of which chooses a hero to command the  action, and compete to destroy the enemy team’s Nexus (base). Each team defends a series of strong and defensive towers that must be destroyed before its Nexus is exposed.  Players must employ teamwork, coordination, and strategy to trounce their opponents.
A New Dawn
One of the many reasons why League of Legends appeals to such a wide variety of fans is that one does not need to be “good at video games” to excel. If you are lacking in mechanical skills (e.g., rapidly inputting complex key-sequences and clicking quickly and accurately), you can still become skilled at the game by learning how to out-maneuver your opponents. Others view League of Legends as a game of Chess, in which even if your opponent is stronger than you, you can still outsmart him. The game is designed to be enjoyed by players with different proficiencies. In the game, players assume the roles of heroes (or champions), some of whom are bulky and strong but slow, while others are quick and nimble but have more fragile defenses.

Roles of HeroesAnother reason to play League of Legends is the satisfaction one can achieve from competitive success. Within each game, players accumulate the in-game currency, gold, by defeating other players and destroying towers. Players use gold to purchase items, thereby eNeonmpowering and specializing their champions in different ways. Ultimately, these items help you destroy the enemy Nexus and win the game.

This system of progressive improvement continues outside individual games, as well. Players have the option to play ranked games, and in doing so, are ascribed ranks based on their performance. If one plays at a consistently higher level than his or her enemies and allies, he is promoted to play with players of the next skill level. Many competitive players want nothing more than to assert their dominance, and what better way to do that than to climb the rankings ladder, leaving opponents in the dust.

Nightblue3 and Trick2gSome even play League of Legends for income. A multitude of players known as “streamers” (players, such as Nightblue3 and Trick2g, who promote themselves playing games on, make a living by simply broadcasting themselves playing the game and supplying commentary every day.

The other primary means of income from the game is LoL Esports, a League of Legends played professionally around the world. LoL Esports is colloquially known as LCS (League of Legends Championship Series), even though LCS is technically only the European and American subsets. In fact, LCS teams are organized compositions of the highest-ranked players from each region of the world. These teams compete throughout the season, and the teams with the best records (win-loss ratios) go to the World Championship.
Fans, most of whom are players, gather around a stage to watch LCS players perform live.  The game is broadcast with announcers, similar to other sports, and the players are payed by Riot, the company who designs the game. The fact that Riot is able to fund these events and pay LCS players is truly phenomenal, considering League of Legends is a free-to-play game. However, money still can be, and is spent on the game. Players can use credit cards or PayPal® accounts to purchase “Riot Points” (RP), which is used to purchase in-game features.  

Immense Fan BaseNow, you might be wondering, “How is League of Legends free-to-play if you need to spend money for additional features?” The answer: League of Legends is not a “pay-to-win” game. In other words, the game does not provide advantages to players who monetarily invest in it.  Purchase-only items are strictly aesthetic, such as skins (fancy visuals for your champions) and summoner icons (basically profile pictures).Gaming Scholarships

In addition to the strategic diversity and entertainment, League of Legends has an immense fan base, as well as an active, involved community. Within each match, players can send messages to their teammates to strategize, warn them of impending danger, or celebrate and praise one another’s match-winning plays. Once the match is finished, players have the option to send friend-requests to one another, and/or invite them to play together for another game.

I have made many friends I never would have met if not for League of Legends. Additionally, I have many friends from home, school, and pretty much everywhere whom I have gotten to know better by playing the game with them. A common practice among my group of friends is to voice-chat on Skype while playing the game. This allows for more efficient communication regarding the game as well as a more enjoyable social experience.

Strategic DiversityTo learn more about League of Legends and “to get your snipe on,” check out / Issue 178 - September 3348
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