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New Tech For An Easier Life

By Solana Hawkenson

We’re always on the hunt for products to make our busy lives a whole lot easier, because sometimes you just don’t have the time or energy for the little things, like vacuuming. Or, maybe you realized you’re out of milk and bread and need to make an emergency grocery store stop, but hate the thought of lugging your heavy handbag through the aisles. Worry no more, because we’ve found a couple of modern inventions to solve those issues for a less stressful life! Here are two small products that could make a very big difference in your day-to-day life!

The racktrap™ Bra PocketThe racktrap™ Bra Pocket

Women stashing cash and other small miscellaneous items in their bras is nothing new. But a trio of marketing executives found a way to make it a bit more appealing! Say hello to the racktrap™, a small pocket that holds your valuables neatly and discreetly in your bra.

“We created he racktrap
for convenience and safety for women on the go,” said co-creator Marla Schultz. The one-size-fits-all pocket is designed to fit comfortably in any size or style of bra. The bra pocket features a Velcro closure to fit your credit cards, cash, ID and room key accessibly and securely right in your bra.

There are several different designs to fit different lifestyles. If you’re planning a night out on the town with your girlfriends and hate keeping track of a purse, there’s the
racktrap™ fashion three-pack ($15.95) of fun prints for you, and your best buds, to hold happy hour cash and lipstick. For runners and fitness enthusiasts who need somewhere to keep emergency cash (and an id), the new sports racktrap™ is sweat proof and has a Velcro closure ($9.95). There is also a special edition gold version for you flashy folk.

The website has an instructional video on how the racktrap™ works and also provides these instructions:

How to use the racktrap™
  1. Locate your breasts. Are you a righty or a lefty? Decide what breast is most easily accessible.
  2. Place your essentials (cash, credit cards, drivers license etc.) in the racktrap™.
  3. Insert the racktrap™ in your bra between the cup and your breast at the top of your cup.
  4. Make sure the opening of the racktrap™ is lined up with the edge of your bra.
  5. Pull your shirt tight to make sure there are no lines.
  6. Use your free hands for good and not evil.
  7. Repeat again tomorrow.

The racktrap™ Bra PocketSo, If you’re attending a concert or sporting event, hitting the theme parks on summer vacation, zip-lining, or simply grocery shopping with your kids, and prefer to be hands free, this may be the simplest solution for you. Another selling point? Racktrap™ insists you’ll be the life of the party next time you feel yourself up to close the bar tab. Visit for more information.

Evovacs Robotics DEEBOT DM85
Evovacs Robotics DEEBOT DM85

Having a hard time finding time to do your spring cleaning? Luckily for you, there’s a robot for that. The Evovacs Robotics DEEBOT DM85 is a small black disc that floats around the bare floors in your home and sweeps, vacuums, mops and then dries the floor! DEEBOT automatically cleans once a day, meaning you can run errands or enjoy a well-deserved Sunday brunch while the powerful vacuum is working hard at home.

As mentioned, the DEEBOT features a 5-in-1 cleaning system that leaves your bare floors free of dirt and dust, and other innovative features includea new Smart Clean Mopping System with a water reservoir, and a removable Main Agitator Brushroll that self-adjusts to uneven surfaces. Even more impressive, the DEENOT features a direct suction option to eliminate tangles with pet hair, and Dual Sweeper Side Brushes to clean up and around stairs and also helps avoid objects in its path. The DEEBOT DM85’s Proprietary Dust Detection Technology also allows the smart robot to think for itself, and change to the best cleaning mode for the job.

The DM85 is available for $499.99. Learn more and find local retailers at

Evovacs Robotics DEEBOT DM85
Evovacs Robotics DEEBOT DM85 / Issue 179 - September 1859
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