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Top 10 Ways To Welcome
ish Style!

by Raeanne Rubenstein




We know that you know what March 20 at 7:02 am EDT is, right? It’s the Spring Equinox, when days and nights are approximately equal and the Sun rises and sets due east and west. And that means it’s the first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and that is just dandy for those of us who are tired of head colds and freezing.

Ah, Spring! The season that brings increasing daylight, warming temperatures, and the rebirth of flora and fauna. It also means the return of weeds, mosquitoes, and humidity, but you know that oh-so-true expression, “All good things come with a price.” But if you ask me, the price is well-worth it, or at least until August, anyway.

Vivialdi So just to put you in the right mood, here are some wonderful ways to celebrate the arrival of the first day of Spring.

1.  Listen to Vivaldi’s Four Season: Spring or The Rites of Spring out in the Garden. Play it as loud as you can!

2. Balance an egg on one end just because you can. Rumor has it that this can only be done on the Vernal Equinox, however, some say that’s bogus and it cannot be done at all. Find out for yourself.

Spring Cleaning3. Splash in a Puddle! Jump up and down! Get all wet! (Don’t worry, your boyfriend already thinks you’re immature!) There’s something about splashing that frees the spirit, so splash everyone else around you while you’re at it.

4. Go Mad! March Mad-ness that is, NCAA basketball style. The tournament that drives men mad and women crazy will be in full swing by Spring.

5. Clean Your HOUSE! Make your first task the one you enjoy the most, just to get you in the right mood. For example, I love doing the laundry (can’t help myself, it’s true) And remember, on the first day of Spring, everything is supposed to be fun!

Convertible6. Plant a Garden! OK. OK. So think about planting a garden. NO? Get a  Garden Catalogue, such as The Vegetable Gardener's Bible, and look at the pretty pictures. Still not working for you? Call a florist and get some Spring flowers delivered to your door. I promise, that will work…

7. Have mad, passionate sex, on March 20 at exactly 12:30 am EDT. Welcome Spring with a bang!

8. Rent, Borrow or Steal a convertible. It’ll be great fun, until the police come, at least.

Birds9. Start your diet! Wake up…Bathing Suit weather is just 2 months away

10. And finally, tell someone you love that you love them, more than you love Spring itself. Believe me, nothing makes you happier than being loved in return, during Spring or any time of the year.
 / Issue 179 - September 2018
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