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What do Courtney Love, the Sopranos and your dear sweet Grandfather all have in common? Nothing you say? You'd be wrong.

They all drive a Cadillac!

Once thought of as the preferred mode of transport for the Florida shuffleboard set and gangsters from Capone to the Yakuza, Cadillac has made a resurgence in Hollywood. With the re-rise of the Rat Pack and the popularity of "mob chic" in the past few years, in a city where European and Asian luxury imports are as common as freeway chases and iced latte's, young Hollywood hepsters (hipsters are so last century) are snapping up the Fifty Thousand Dollar retro-barges like wildfire.

New history is being written right here in Tinseltown! Young Hollywood has embraced the Cadillac DeVille DTS.

The DeVille is offered in two trim levels. Base DeVille and DTS. The sportier DTS version being the choice of such Skybar regulars as Ashley Hamilton and Tony Kay, infamous director of American History X. Tony prefers to be driven in his.

The DTS offers a better handling suspension and a more powerful 300 horsepower thirty two valve four point six liter V-Eight engine, and automatic gear selector located on the center console. The selector is mounted on the steering column in the more sedate version, just where Grandpa would expect it. Rounding out the DTS sport package is de-chromed trim and the prerequisite seventeen-inch wheels with extra fat tires, offered in flat finish or oh-so-cool optional chrome versions, of course.

This all adds up to a very spirited run from the stoplight, sixty miles / Issue 18 - September 2018
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