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If you or someone you love were having a stroke, common sense would tell you tocall 911 and get to a hospital fast. Now, hospitals across the United States are providing even better care for patients by using new clot busting drugs that can reverse the symptoms of stroke if given within three hours after the incident occurs. According to Dr. Brian Thompson, a Neurologist at Nashville's Centennial Medical Center, new legislation in Tennessee is aimed at allowing the medical community to use state money to set up an education system for hospitals and patients on how to effectively use the advanced medication.

As the drug becomes more widely used in both big city hospitals and regional medical centers, more patients can avoid the permanent damage caused by such an illness. Patients who receive the clot busting drugs have experienced full recovery in as little as a week. Check with your local hospitals to find out which ones are using the drug because, as Thompson points out, "time delay is brain cells."


Is your body screaming after a weekend of heavy-duty gardening or a long hike in the great outdoors? If every muscle in your body aches from too much activity, natural health practitioners may tell you to drop the over-the-counter pain relievers in favor of Arnica, the most commonly used homeopathic remedy. Derived from the plant Arnica Montana, Arnica is primarily used for sore muscles, injury, minor bruises and trauma. Several brands of Arnica-based gels and creams can be found at health food stores, as well as chewable tablets and tiny pellets that dissolve on the tongue. Before your next adventure as a weekend warrior, make sure you have some form of Arnica in your medicine cabinet. The topical forms work great after a long, warm bath. / Issue 18 - September 3986
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