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Marlene Dietrich! Hedy Lamarr! Veronica Lake! Lauren Bacall! Looks from long ago? They can be yours, and here's how.. Thanks to Daniela Turudich, an expert on vintage lifestyles and popular culture, you too can recreate Vintage Hair, Face, and Wedding styles. Turudich began her research about early Twentieth Century popular culture in the early 1990's, and has been archiving priceless tips on recreating vintage styles ever since.

At only 22, the fearless Turudich started her own publishing company under the name Streamline Press in an effort to bring early Twentieth Century beauty and fashion to a mainstream audience. Since then, she has published Vintage Face, 1940's Hairstyles, and Vintage Weddings. All three books offer detailed but easy-to-understand instructions on how to recreate the styles you've probably only seen in black and white.

Vintage Weddings: Simple Ideas for Creating a Romantic Vintage Wedding ($19.95) tells you everything you need to know from listings of National Historic locations available for functions, to period wedding dress boutiques, to corsetry specialists. 1940's Hairstyles ($15.95) offers an ensemble of tips, including 5 face shapes and the best hairstyles for each, 12 musts for a good hairdo, and 7 ways to get great curls.Vintage Face ($12.95) guides you in creating Period Looks from the 20's, 30's, 40's, and 50's. For Hollywood styles, she provides easy-to-follow eyebrow charts, lip-line charts, and placement advice for powder and blush. Additionally, the text includes Studio make-up do's and don'ts, Hollywood beauty secrets for beautiful skin, and Magical Hollywood powder techniques.

Daniela is available for both lectures and demonstrations. For further information, you can e-mail her at / Issue 18 - September 2018
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