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Jonatha Brooke is the one who breaks the models. A founding member of The Story she found her best success as an independent artist. Her latest album, Steady Pull, pushes her beyond a singer-songwriter into rock star mold. Steady Pull is Brooke's second CD on her own label, Bad Dog Records. Co-produced by Bob Clearmountain, the CD features Michael Franti and Neil Finn. It separates Brooke from the crowd and paves the way for her to hit the charts again, and convince America that the best work can be made WITHOUT a major label. FEMMUSIC spoke with Brooke a few months ago, and is glad to finally run the interview. For more information, visit her web site at

FEMMUSIC: Can you describe your songwriting technique?

JB: Or lack of. (laughs) I don't know if there is a technique. I really admire writers who can go in a room and come out with a song in 2 hours and then it's a hit 3 months later on the country charts, you know? My technique is kind default, it's a waiting game. I've always got little melodies and turns of phrase running in my head, and then I'm always waiting for them to make themselves apparent as far as which piece goes with which other piece. Luckily, so far pretty regularly I can sit down and all of a sudden, it's like there's a little gift on the table which is, you know, the answer to the question. (laughs) There's a little song and I hurry and play it 10 million times before I forget it. And that's my technique. (laughs) Petty good, huh?

FEMMUSIC: I was curious with Steady Pull what Bob Clearmountain brought to the project.

JB: Bob brought, number 1, his studio, which couldn't be a huger gift. But more importantly he brought his willingness to try any idea, / Issue 18 - September 2018
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