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With half the American population being single these days, it’s no wonder that everywhere we go, we are inundated with information about the single life. But where exactly is this supposed "single life" happening? And which city has the coveted "it" factor? 

First, you must pick the priorities you have for a city. Do you need a great night life scene to be happy? Or do you prefer great shopping and restaurants? Maybe you want to live in a city that is a rising star, or perhaps you prefer an established location, filled with great history? And of course, which city has the highest single population might be all-important to people still flying solo! 

All of these factors are important for future happiness, and as a single person, you may base the decision entirely on what suits your needs. Embrace the freedom, we say! Whatever your taste, here are some of the top cities in America sure to make you want to pack a bag, and finally find your mate. 

1. Salt Lake City, Utah

With outdoor recreation and beautiful mountain scenery, Salt Lake City has much to offer in the way of outdoor sports. Spend your free time skiing in the same environment as the 2002 Winter Olympics. 

Salt Lake City

2. Orlando, Fla.

Who could ask for more than sun and roller coasters? If rides and fun for singles of all ages sounds like the place for you, Orlando could be just the ticket. Well-known for its theme parks and attractions, you'll never be at a loss for cool dates!

3. Atlanta, Ga.

For those looking for a great city loaded with handsome history buffs, why not try Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, and the location of many Civil War battles including the battle of Atlanta. Also, you may pay tribute to the burial place of Dr. Martin Luther King in Atlanta, and easily lose yourself for days (and nights) in exploring all the city has to offer. FYI all you fans of the show The Walking Dead, you might be interested to know that the original name for Atlanta was Terminus

4. Austin, Texas

If you are looking for a musical, or an artistic and eclectic city, then look no further than Austin, TX. With the city’s motto of "Keep Austin Weird" and many music festivals that provide more than ample entertainment, you'll never be bored. Austin also has the best gender balance for a large city, making it easier to balance the numbers for a night out listening to great music.

5. Tampa, Fla.

Does a warm climate and a large, thriving city sound like a place where you could be happy? We offer a resounding “Yes!” to Tampa! Located near the Gulf of Mexico, the population of the greater Tampa Bay area reaches over four million people. Multi-cultural and thriving, Tampa is a city with plenty of character, plus lots of room for one (or two?) more!


6. Reno, Nev.

Reno offers plenty of opportunities for indoor and outdoor fun! Located only 36 miles from Lake Tahoe, the city offers a variety of shopping, water sports, hiking, and even skiing. After a day on the water or on the mountains, you can head back to town to experience one of the many casinos for which this city is famous!

7. Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati is the third-largest city in the state of Ohio and was founded after the American Civil War! A city with plenty of economic development, you’ll find many restaurants and nightlife options to please pretty much everyone! Plus, Snow Birds will be right at home during a beautiful, and white Cincinnati winter!

8. San Francisco, Calif.

San Francisco has some of the best nightlife and entertainment options per capita than any other city, making it one of the best places to both live in and play in! With plenty of choices for the picky as well as for the most adventurous of souls, you’ll never have a boring night in or out ever again! Unless of course you want to, of course! No judgment!
San Francisco

We hope this list has pointed you in the right direction in helping you in your quest to find the perfect city for you! At the end of the day, the most important factor in choosing a city to live in is the answer to this most important question, “Does it make you happy?”

If the answer is “Yes,” you are off to a good start! Good luck! / Issue 180 - September 2018
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