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Coming Back for More with Dish’s Summer TV Roundup: Seven Shows That Dish Predicts Will Stick Around — Because They All Already Have!
By Jakob Esaw 

Well, here we are again! We’ve made it around the sun once again, and it seems like every year is just more of the same, especially when it comes to TV. But that’s hardly a bad thing when TV is so good these days. Shows like Aquarius, Orange Is the New Black, BattleBots, Zoo, and Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll, highly original though they are, are coming back around for another turn.

In fact ... hasn’t Dish already reviewed these TV shows before? Oh yeah! Of course we have! Check out each of the links above to reread our retro Dish stories on these hot, hot, hot shows. They’re all returning this month, and they’re sure to carry on their fantastic streaks.

And in case you want to find out what are some of the upcoming shows that will likely still be around this time next year (especially considering Dish’s track record is pretty damn good at predicting such things), then read on! We’re featuring two of our favorite upcoming shows below Angie Tribeca and Casual — plus a roundup of the five other returning shows mentioned above. Angie Tribeca

Angie Tribeca, TBS, June 6 Angie Tribeca
It’s interesting to see how friendships develop over time, and the professional relationship between Steve Carell and Rashida Jones is no exception. She first appeared in The Office as K
aren Filippelli in 2006 and eventually became a romantic interest of Jim Halpert. This is the show that solidified Steve Carell’s status as one of the funniest actors alive today, and by extension, Rashida Jones has risen to stardom as well. In 2009, she played the loveable Ann Perkins in Parks and Recreation, and she’s had a lot of great TV and movie roles before and since. But now she has another role that could define her as a comic force to be reckoned with. She plays a cop named Angie Tribeca, and the results of her investigative hijinks are hilarious. She and her team investigate serious crimes, like homicide and animal smuggling, but the victims and situations are ridiculous. A murdered ventriloquist, a bunch of pet ferrets being slipped into California, and an investigation into a British gang that lands the investigators themselves in prison — these are just some examples of the ridiculousness from the first season. That first season aired in January 2016. The show is returning for its second season on June 6 on TBS.

Casual, Hulu, June 7
Here’s another show returning to the small screen that Dish highly recommends. Casual is about the confusion and tumult caused by certain huge events, like divorce and inviting immediate family members back into your life. Valerie Meyes (Michaela Watkins) is a new divorcee. Her brother Alex Cole (Tommy Dewey) invites his sister and her teenage daughter Laura (Tara Lynne Barr) to come live with him. Now not only do they have to learn how to raise her daughter together, but they also have to figure how best to deal with each other’s oft-opposing values. In the first season, Alex is a casual dater (hence the show’s title), and Valerie is still reeling from her divorce. He takes her on as a sort of experiment, setting her up on an online dating website. Sex, dating, teenage drama, slammed doors, broken dishes: the first season was a circus of tense emotions. The second is expected to build on the tension and hilarity. Check it out on Hulu on June 7.

AquariusAquarius, NBC, June 16
Ah, the 1960s... The age of free love and inclusivity. A time when there were no problems because everybody was high on drugs and there was a feeling that life was only going to get better. Then again, there was that whole Vietnam thing, plus violent race riots, an assassinated president, an assassinated civil rights hero, and, oh yeah, that whole thing with Charles Manson. Aquarius returns in June for its second season, and it promises to be just as gritty and dramatic as the first. Starring David Duchovny as police officer Sam Hodiak, this is a cop show that cuts a little too close to the edge — literally. Follow Hodiak as he investigates the would-be murderer Charles Manson before he and his followers commit the brutal bloodbath that launched them into infamy — and helped drag an already tumultuous decade even further into chaos. The first season had Hodiak team up with other cops and unsavory characters to hunt the man who would become the very personification of evil. The new season premieres on NBC on June 16.

Orange is the new black
Orange Is the New Black, Netflix, June 17
God, can this show get any more ridiculous? Alongside shows like House of Cards, Daredevil, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and the fourth season of Arrested Development, the fantastic comedy-drama Orange Is the New Black has proven that Netflix has the ability and willingness to not only produce quality content but also recognize (as with Unbreakable and Arrested) shows that need to be salvaged from the heap of would-be discards. It would have been hard to imagine, less than five years ago, that Netflix would start producing such great shows. Equally difficult to imagine, however, is that a lot of fantastic episodes never would have existed at all without Netflix’s foresight. And speaking of looking into the future, now that we’re looking forward to the fourth season of Orange Is the New Black this month, we are also pleased to note that seasons five, six, and seven are already in the planning stages. Needless to say, 2013 to 2019 (assuming the series ends then) will have been the longest 15 months of poor Piper Chapman’s life. Check out the fourth season of Orange Is the New Black, returning to Netflix, June 17.

BattleBots, ABC, June 23 BattleBots
Robots killing each other and humans making a competition out of it — who wouldn’t love these two greatest things in the world? BattleBots returns for its second season this month, and Dish remains as enamored as ever over the idea of it. Competitors build killer robots and then set their destructive sights on each other. Buzzsaws, gears, and tank treads, oh my! Fires, explosions, and a mechanical beast that looks vaguely like a tyrannosaurus, oh God! Could this show get any cooler? With season two coming this season, we’ll find out! BattleBots returns to ABC on June 23.




Zoo Zoo, CBS, June 28

What are we doing to the world and the wildlife that inhabit it? Zoo is first and foremost a thriller that sets a characters from a variety of fields (scientific, governmental, and service), on a collision course where they seek to answer these fraught questions. From the U.S. to Europe to Africa, wild animals are attacking humans with increasing frequency, and Jackson Oz is a zoologist who wants to find out why. The plot of the first season was fuel-injected and electric, which, it turns out, is the cause of the animals’ aggression in the novel. (Spoiler alert! Whoops, sorry about that; too late...) Anyway, there’s little doubt the second season will continue to sizzle. The two-hour season premiere kicks off the second year of Zoo on CBS on June 28.






 Sex Drugs Rock and Roll

Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll, FX, June 30
Dennis Leary is back for a second season of the show that basically sums up every middle-aged dude’s long lost pipedream. Kind of like Billy Ray Cyrus, Johnny Rock (Leary) really wants to be a relevant rockstar like he was back in his younger days. Also like good ol’ Billy Ray, he has a daughter who’s actually pretty talented and knows how to rock a crowd. Drugs and alcohol, musical trends in Belgium and a music therapist, strange tattoos and Mary Poppins: this comedy documents how many bizarre ways the lives of rock ‘n’ rollers intersect to prove that one of America’s greatest obsessions — musicians — really aren’t very well adjusted people after all. Tune in to FX on June 30 for the second season of Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll. / Issue 181 - September 2018
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