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Can't Live With 'EM, Can't Live Without 'EM! MEN WITH CATS!

By Anastasia Iliou 

Looking for a gift for your favorite cat-lover? Look no further than this new photo book by David Williams, Men With Cats - Intimate Portraits of Feline Friendship. It’s not your average Urban Outfitters flip book with nothing but attractive men and their kittens; it features quotes from each cat owner about their adorable friends. The book costs a mere $12.95 and features 143 pages of cats and the humans they own. 

Stories of Adoption

Here are some of our favorite quotes from the book!
Some bring in jokes about other animals -
“When we split ways, my ex kept the other cat, and I got Joshua. Now he and I are bonded for life, like penguins.” - Pg 9

Some share stories of adoption -
“I’m the president of Alley Cat Animal Rescue, and I fostered Desmal after a bad house fire. She was burned, neglected, sick, covered in fleas, and she had never been to the vet. When the rescue group followed up with the family, they requested she ‘be killed; they didn’t want her back.’ I quickly adopted her.” - Pg 17

Funny Furry Friends

Some talk about unfortunate cat incidents -
“Lupo likes getting shaved - really. And she does circus tricks. OK!, meanwhile, does sneak attacks. Her motto is ‘If there ain’t blood, it ain’t love.’ I’m actually bleeding right now.” - Pg 34

Some discuss bringing their furry friends home for the first time -
“My teenage sons wanted to name her Foxy, after Megan Fox, but that’s a ridiculous name for a cat. Dais is much better.” - pgs 73

Cat Hobbies

Others discuss mixing their cat hobby with their other hobbies -
“My cats are all super chill. But Mulan comes running when I play the guitar. She likes it when I jam out with new people, too. I would say her favorite song overall is ‘(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais’ by the Clash.” - pgs 107 / Issue 181 - September 2018
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