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AFTER YOU A Novel By Jojo MoyesAFTER YOU A Novel
By Jojo Moyes

$16.00 Penguin

From New York Times bestselling author Jojo Moyes comes AFTER YOU, now out in paperback, the sequel to her unforgettable novel, Me Before You.

Louisa Clark used to have an ordinary life. But after spending six unforgettable months with Will Traynor, who ended his life on his own terms just as he was transforming hers, she has no idea how to go on. After an unexpected and almost deadly accident of her own, she has returned home to live with her parents and sort out not only her broken bones, but also her broken vision of her future and the woman Will believed that she could be.

Lou reluctantly joins the Moving On support group in order to deal with her unstoppable grief and there she inadvertently meets Sam Fielding, a paramedic, who makes her believe she could fall in love again. But just as she begins to get her bearings, moving back to her London flat and taking a new job, someone from Will’s past turns up at her door that could seriously alter her future. And from there on out, it seems like all bets are off as Lou follows her heart and the ragged road that she must travel in order to find some semblance of joy in her topsy-turvy life.

Moyes has a talent for creating characters you come to care about in a deep and abiding way and once you pick up this book you will be hard pressed to put it down. Revisiting Lou Clark is like being reunited with an old friend and the same goes for the host of characters that return in this funny, poignant and totally satisfying sequel. Effortless writing combined with keen insights into the human condition make Moyes’ fiction an absolute pleasure to read, not only in the moments you’re doing so, but in the way it sticks with you long after you’ve finished the final sentence.

By Pina LoGiudice, ND, Lac

$15.00 Tarcher Penguin

Beauty is one of those intangibles that all of us strive to understand. Why do some of us age gracefully while others look old before their time? According to Dr. Pina LoGiudice, a frequent expert guest on The Dr. Oz Show, beauty starts within. And in her new book, THE LITTLE BOOK OF HEALTHY BEAUTY she explains the principles and secrets of achieving and maintaining a beautiful, healthy glow.

Dr. LoGiudice begins by listing the six master keys to health: Sleep, Food, Exercise, Relaxation, Detoxification and Supplement Support and then she asks us to take a quiz to see where we fall on the “glow” spectrum. Next, she takes these elements and devotes a chapter to each of them which include fabulous facts and tips.

In Chapter 1: Your Beauty Sleep she runs through things like your sleep schedule, foods to both add and cut out of your diet as well as thoughts on sleep aids and the levels of caffeine you should consume in a day. Chapter 2: Food and Digestion helps you with shopping lists, discussion of various diets and their health benefits, as well as supplements and weight loss. Chapter 3: Move In Your Glow Zone explores the benefits and types of exercise you should undertake and Chapter 4: Relaxation and Inner Peace delves into the stresses of modern life and the ways to combat them through various methods of meditation, acupuncture and self-analytics. Chapter 5: Detoxification helps you understand how everything from air pollution to chemicals in our food sources can impact how we look and feel, and Chapter 6: Glowing Supplements And Hormonal Harmony gives us a comprehensive guide to the supplements we should be including in our daily regimens, along with the types of sun blocks, teas and hormonal support which might be best for each of us.

All in all, this well written, easy-to-follow guide puts you in the driver’s seat of your very own inner beauty regimen, making it easy to discover the path to your own inner beauty which, when achieved, will show your glow to the entire outside world.

By Erin Duffy

$25.99 William Morrow

From Erin Duffy comes her latest novel, LOST ALONG THE WAY, a story of loyalty, love and never ending friendships.

Jane, Cara and Meg have been inseparable since they were girls. Despite the twists and turns their lives underwent, they remained loyal to one another and swore they’d be BFFs until the end of time. But when Jane falls in love with a handsome millionaire and secretly elopes with him, she tears a hole in the fabric of the women’s lifelong friendship which casts them all off  in different directions.

Ten years later, things don’t look as rosy as they did once upon a time, especially for Jane, whose husband has been put in prison for defrauding his clients. Penniless, friendless and hounded by the press, Jane flees her swanky Manhattan apartment in search of her old friends and a place to regroup. But when she finally tracks Cara and Meg down, not only do they try to dismiss her, but she finds that she doesn’t have the market cornered when it comes to misery. While Cara is trapped in a terrible marriage with her abusive husband, Meg is separated from hers after a barrage of fertility issues has torn them apart. But despite the wounds that still linger from the past, the three friends make peace and vow to help one another navigate the choppy waters of their lives, in an attempt to put the pieces back together again.

This heartwarming novel gets under your skin with its humor, passion and relatable characters. If you’ve ever had BFFs of your own, this is a story you’ll identify with from beginning to end.

TIME TO TELL Your Personal Family History By Deborah WilbrinkTIME TO TELL Your Personal Family History
By Deborah Wilbrink


Have you ever wondered where you come from and which of your ancestral links made you who you are today? Tracking down information about your heritage can be fun but it is often difficult to know where to start your journey. Luckily, Personal Historian and author Deborah Wilbrink knows just what to do and she leads the way into this often complicated process in her new book TIME TO TELL.

To get us going, Wilbrink walks us through the step-by-step process of putting the pieces together with her first tip: Telling Family Secrets. Every family has their share of tales and stories that have been buried for years and revealing these can make for a great starting point. Next, she suggests you catalogue family treasures by photographing them. Offering a host of tips for organizing these photos, she illustrates some examples in which you can preserve memories in this cohesive way. She also suggests sharing objects and mementos with living family members in a Show and Tell fashion, as a way to bring everyone together and get a dialogue going.

Of course, Wilbrink is a pro when it comes to transferring stories to the page, but she shows us ways that we can become the personal historians of our own families by doing the same thing. Putting together a book of memories that can begin to uncover branches of your own family tree is a marvelous way to begin. Quilting is yet another tool in Wilbrink’s arsenal and she shares stories and examples of such quilts which you can then learn to replicate on your own.

Accompanied by a CD and peppered throughout with even more amazing tips, stories and songs, this book is a great tool which can give you a foothold on the path to discovering and preserving the memories of your own family that will speak not only to you, but also to the generations yet to come. / Issue 183 - July 2018
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