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The Hottest Women On TV
  EMMA Roberts, Tina FEY, KERRY Washington, Kristin BELL & more...
By Moriah Hurston

For so many years men have ruled everything, it seems. Now, women are taking over the world, one show at a time. From heroines, to dynamic duos, to those strong individual characters we love and love to hate, there’s a female character out there for us all to relate to in some way. These characters and the women who play them, differ in so many ways, but we still love them because they’re strong, fearless, ruthless, funny, self-centered, kind, and determined, and that’s what makes them HOT!!!


Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts
Originally known as the daughter of actor Eric Roberts and niece of Oscar winning actress Julia Roberts, Emma Roberts has stayed in no ones shadow. Landing her first role in the movie Blow as the young daughter of an infamous drug smuggler, played by Johnny Depp, Roberts later went on to land the leading role as Addie Singer in the nickelodeon series Unfabulous. Working with names such as James Franco, Jessica Lange and most recently with writer/producer Ryan Murphy in American Horror Story and Scream Queens. Her most recent character is Chanel Oberlin, the mean girl president of the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority that we all love to hate on Scream Queens.

Fun Fact: Has a phobia of flying.

Kerry WashingtonKerry Washington
From the Bronx to screens all over the world, Kerry Washington has grabbed our attention time and time again. Although she debuted in Our Song in 2000, Washington first stole our hearts in Save the Last Dance as Chenille alongside Julia Stiles and Sean Patrick Thomas. Today she is taking over primetime in one of the hottest shows on television as Olivia Pope, a “master manipulator of Washington D.C.’s power elite”, on Shonda Rimes’ Scandal. Washington expressed in a recent interview that her character Olivia, “fully owns being a woman”.

Fun Fact: Was accepted into Yale University and Dartmouth College but declined both.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
She may be the daughter of a billionaire, but Julia Louis-Dreyfus has definitely gone out and made a name for her. Debuting in Woody Allen’s Hannah & Sister, Louis-Dreyfus became a star, going from the feisty opportunist Elaine Benes that we first fell in love with on Seinfleid to the scheming foul mouth vice president turned president Selina Meyer on Veep.

Fun Fact: Her second home in Montecito, CA, is solar-powered, radiant-heated, and built from recycled materials.

Eva LongoriaEva Longoria
The Corpus Christi pageant queen, Eva Longoria wasn’t always the suburban desperate housewife we loved. Longoria started in showbiz with small parts on Beverly Hill 90210 and General Hospital before she made her big debut playing Gabrielle Solis in ABC’s Desperate Housewives. Now she’s the executive producer of Lifetime’s Devious Maids and is set to produce and star in NBC’s sitcom Hot & Bothered in 2016.

Fun Fact: Eva Longoria received a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology at Texas A&M University-Kingsville.

Melissa McCarthy
Melissa McCarthy
If you were a fan of Gilmore Girls, you couldn’t help but to fall in love with Melissa McCarthy’s character Sookie, the crazed, controlling chef, where she debuted. If not then, fell head over hills in love and laughter with her many hilarious characters in the films Bridesmaids, The Heat, Identity Thief and her television series Mike & Molly. In the past few years, McCarthy has become one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Although she started as a stand-up comedian, she recently debuted her fashion line Seven7 for women ranging in sizes from slim to voluptuous. With two more projects on the look out for next year, Ghostbusters and The Boss, McCarthy is becoming a sure powerhouse.

Fun Fact: Grew up on a farm and loved playing tennis.

Mindy Kaling
Mindy Kaling
Mindy Kaling is the star; writer and producer for the FOX turned Hulu series show The Mindy Project. Known for her roll as Kelly Kapoor in the hit television show The Office alongside Steve Carell. Debuting in films like, The 40-Year-Old Virgin and writing for television series such as The Office, it’s no wonder Kaling is the boss of her own show.

Fun Fact: Mindy Kaling's mother was an ob-gyn doctor, inspiring many of the story lines in The Mindy Project

Viola DavisViola Davis
Debuting in Austin Wilson’s tragic broadway comedy Seven Guitars in ’96, Viola Davis is one of the few women who have taken over primetime. Davis worked her way through with such short scenes such as the one in the film Antwone Fisher in 2002, where she played the mother of Antwone; and Oscar winning roles in The Help and Doubt. Today she plays ruthless defense attorney and criminal law professor on the primetime television show, How to Get Away with Murder, that made her the first African-American performer to win Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

Fun Fact: Graduated from The Juilliard School

Kristen BellKristen Bell
We fell in love with her as Veronica in the television series Veronica Mars, but she got her debut on Broadway in The Crucible with Liam Neeson and Angela Bettis. Since then, star Kristen Bell has gone from a 17-year-old high school detective to management consultant Jeannie van der Hooven is the Showtime series House of Lies. In 2016, Bell will star alongside Melissa McCarthy is the film The Boss.

Fun Fact: Kristen Bell does the voice of Anna in Disney’s Frozen

Taraji P. Henson
Taraji P. Henson
Emmy nominee Taraji P. Henson plays ones of the hottest characters on television right now, one everyone wishes they could be like. Henson didn’t always play such “real” characters. Starting in television shows like Smart Guy and films such as Baby Boy, Henson really caught everyone’s attention with her role in Hustle & Flow alongside Terence Howard, were she also made her singing debut with the song “Hard Out Here For A Pimp”. The star has recently reunited with Howard in the hit series Empire as Cookie Lyon, ex-wife of music mogul Lucious Lyon played by Howard.

Fun Fact: Her first and middle names are Swahili for "hope" and "love," respectively.

Tina FeyTina Fey
The funny and loveable Tina Fey has brought laughter to so many of us for many years now after becoming the first female head writer in SNL history and debuting as a featured player alongside Jimmy Fallon for Weekend Update on the show. Since continuing spread laughter in films like Baby Momma and Mean Girls, Fey now writes and produces with Robert Carlock the shows 30 Rock and the Netflix series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Fun Fact: Recorded the voices for the British and German princesses for Williams' "Medieval Madness" pinball machine. / Issue 186 - September 2018
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