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Spreading cheer with twinkling lights, pretty ornaments and thoughtful gifts can be a fulfilling experience. But whether you are hosting friends and family, having mini-celebrations at work or school, or simply want to get in the spirit by decking out your home with festive flair, the holidays are an especially important time to give careful consideration to what you buy and why, what you ‘need,’ the options for disposing of the packaging or product when you are done with it, and what you can reuse; in our enthusiasm to decorate, entertain and gift, household waste jumps 25%  during the holidays.

Think of the planet as the ultimate gift-giver: it will continue to give until there is nothing left! This holiday season, be mindful of all the surprising, resourceful ways you can bring joy to your world, and consider these five upcycled DIYs as proof that going green this December can keep things merry and bright and let there be peace on Earth.

Honest Kids Drink Pouch Ornament1. Honest Kids Drink Pouch Ornament

Remember getting crafty in grade school and bringing home a new DIY ornament for the tree every year? Rekindle the magic of that hands-on spirit with a luminous, metallic bauble that’s sure to be the star of your winter décor (and is bright enough to be the actual star on the top of a holiday tree!). We like the cool silver as is, but feel free to accent the star’s points with some craft glitter or paint to add dimension and sparkle.

Click HERE Honest Kids Drink Pouch Ornament DIY Instructions

Malt-O-Meal Holiday Ornament2. Malt-O-Meal Holiday Ornament

You hold the world in your hands with this dimensional, Earth-conscious take on the traditional round ornament. Repurpose thin strips of plastic cereal bags to create a fanciful curio to place on your tree, along the banister, flanking your mistletoe, or peppering your evergreens. Make several in varying sizes for visual interest and whimsy.

Click HERE for Malt-O-Meal Holiday Ornament DIY Instructions

3. Toothpaste Box Gift Box

Toothpaste Box Gift Box

We all know the struggle: an item so little and dainty that it needn’t be wrapped, but the tiniest gift bag you can find swallows it whole, dwarfing your offering in a sea of tissue paper. This small box made out of another box puts a sweet twist on presenting your gift in a way that will delight the recipient, and put a dent in the wrapping materials purchased year-round. Part of the fun of giving and receiving presents is the anticipation and curiosity built up by gift wrap, so acknowledging that while mindfully reducing is a great step towards greening special occasions.

Click HERE for Toothpaste Box Gift Box DIY Instructions

4. Hain Snacks Gift Bow

Hain Snacks Gift BowListening to music, crossing things off your list and wrapping presents in preparation for holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions wouldn’t be complete without noshing on snacks to fuel your festivities. Hain’s variety of veggie-based bagged snacks yield an ideal material for an easy, upcycled bow that’ll put a glint in the eye of the recipient and is quite fun to make.

Click HERE for Hain Snacks Gift Bow DIY Instructions

5. Toothpaste Tube Holiday Light Strand

Toothpaste Tube Holiday Light Strand

One of our favorite things about the holidays are the bright lights and the joy they bring. String lights, rope lights, candle lights, animatronic light up lawn figurines…Holiday lights are more than pretty, they’re the symbolic promise of the sun’s return in the darkest month of the year. Don’t have enough toothpaste tubes to shine up your string of fairy lights? Swap in some empties of other tube containers like lotions, hair products, or soaps—better yet, ask your friends for their empties!

Click HERE for Toothpaste Tube Holiday Light Strand DIY Instructions / Issue 187 - March 2018
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