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It’s December again and winter is in full swing. The leaves are gone from the trees and everyone is huddling close to stay warm. Christmas music is in the air, and by now some may be a bit tired of “Jingle Bells” and “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” In the spirit of giving, Dish offers up this playlist of non-Christmas songs about December for your holiday burnout enjoyment.

Vampire Weekend CD cover“Horchata” by Vampire Weekend
Named after a popular, sweet rice concoction, this song is as infectious as the drink, which has been carried across continents and language barriers, and through the millennia by all types of people. While it’s doubtful Vampire Weekend will be as long lasting as the drink, it is a welcome distraction from the cold with its warm, African-inspired beats and spicy melodies. Grab a glass and sing along! Click here to purchase form


Couting Crowns cd cover“Long December” by Counting Crows
Written during the recording of Counting Crows’ second album, “Long December” was recorded live after lead singer Adam Duritz nearly lost a close friend in a car accident. It’s a song about looking back on your life and seeing changes happening, and  looking forward and thinking things are going to change for the better. For anyone who has ever wished the year would just end already so we can start a new one, this is the track for you. Click here to purchase from Amazon

Taylor Swift cd cover, Back to December“Back to December” by Taylor Swift
Long rumored to be about Taylor Swift’s ex-beau Taylor Lautner, “Back to December” is proof positive that anyone who dates Swift is gonna get a song written about them. Taylor apologizes in this song about the way she messed up a relationship with a former boyfriend, who now finds it hard to trust her. A perfect song for the cold days, especially if you’ve just experienced a break-up. Click here to purchase from Amazon


The Four Seasons - December 1963“December 1963 (Oh What a Night)” by Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
Perhaps one of the most famous December songs, according to the co-writer and longtime Four Seasons band member Bob Gaudio, the song was originally set in 1933 with the title "December 5th, 1933," and celebrated the repeal of Prohibition. Neither lead singer Frankie Valli, or co-writer (and Gaudio's wife) Judy Parker were thrilled about the lyrics.- and Valli objected to parts of the melody - so Gaudio rewrote the words and Parker the melody until all were content with the finished product. It ended up being a nostalgic love song. Click here to purchase from Amazon

Linkin Park cd cover  “My December" by Linkin Park
With its swelling rapture and driving beat, Linkin Park’s “My December” is the perfect mix of angst and uplift for those away from loved ones during the holidays. The song is about a person who got in a fight with his girlfriend and left. It has the power to automatically change your mood, and relax you, and just have you thinking about your life, relationships, regrets, and ambitions. Click here to purchase form Amazon


Demi Lovato - "Remember December" by Demi Lovato
This is the second single from American pop singer Demi Lovato's sophomore album, Here We Go Again. Demi told MTV News that the song is meant for all the girls out there who need to remind men that they messed up. However, she refused to say just who the unlucky guy is at the center of the song. Click here to purchase from Amazon



Jaz-Z cd cover "December 4th" by Jay-Z
Never at a loss for words, Jay-Z even has something to say about December. Well, December by way of referencing his own birthday. December 4th is a swaggering hip hop track about Jay-Z’s favorite subject: himself. Despite the narcissistic bent of the song, this one is sure to put the groove in your move and get you dancing the winter chill away. Click here to purchase from Amazon



Collective Soul cd Cover "December" by Collective Soul
Betrayal, treachery and regret, what else does one need for a good holiday downer? This tune by Collective Soul has all that and more. Taking all the worst things that could happen at year’s end and lumping them all into the lyrics of this song, Collective Soul has crafted a great song for the maniac in us all. Click here to purchase from Amazon  



John Mayer cd cover “St. Patrick’s Day” by John Mayer
No, “December” isn’t in the title of this least recognized track on John Mayer’s freshman album, Room for Squares, but it rears it’s wintry head in the chorus. “No way November will see our goodbye / When it comes to December it’s obvious why / No one wants to be alone at Christmas time.” It’s a semi-love song, dedicated to a relationship that lasts through the holiday season--or at least through St. Patrick’s Day, that is. Click here to purchase from Amazon / Issue 187 - September 1731
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