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You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one”
~ John Lennon, Imagine

in Sound

Imagine, "deep within the oceans and in our subconscious lies the "dream of humanity"... Feelings of connectiveness and being a part of something bigger than ourselves.''

"Feelings of connectiveness" is what our aquatic counterparts, the dolphins and whales have in super-size mode... developed over 30-40 million years acoustically.

What is connectivity, the activity of connectiveness? United, joined or linked together; in sequence; linked coherently: connected ideas. Related by family ties, influential relationships. Connectivity is the driving force behind music; why we’re listening, why we’re creating, and for many of us why we can’t live without it.

It’s our bridge across the universe. A reminder that we’re all in this together. This amazing story called life.

Aboriginal Australians would be calling connectivity “dreamtime”, and our communication avenues of music, “songlines.” Songlines in modern terms is “telecommunications.” A term used in computer technology of sending wireless messages over vast distances, like the dolphins and whales have been doing for millions of years.

Modern homo-sapian evolution is 200,000 years. And from what we remember, “telecommunications” has only been developed over the past 30-40 years. Yet haven’t we been doing telecommunications” through our music? Bridging opinions, cultures, and nations.Touching the hearts of many with vivid tones and stories of connections.
Dolphin Family
Dolphins and whales are sonic beings and their entire world is depending on acoustics, “sound waves” essential for communicating, interacting within their families and social structures, traveling, finding food; basic surviving and ultimately thriving. Surprisingly, so does our world. Yet globally, many humans are unaware of our "communication connections" to sound and the source of sound. Sound we hear and sound we feel... another word is Music. Believe it or not, this is our first language. The sound we feel… starting in our watery womb. As we are developing, we are listening dimensionally.

Listening dimensionally is “connectivity” at it’s core.

In fact, our DNA is always being affected by the dimensional worlds of sound, light, and electromagnetic resonances.

The wave patterns of sound. Music. Imagine if we created music as a reflection and mirror to the invisible realms of communications that we are all feeling and communicating with every moment of our lives, both consciously and unconsciously.

Why even talk about dolphin communications with music? Because cetaceans and their sonic sound waves patterns are holographic and supersized through the water. Plus dolphins’ sounds are creating electromagnetic and electrostatic fields.

Music holds the same power in our lives.
girl and Dolphin

A bit of science:
Sound is traveling on waves of pressure. Humans perceive the frequencies of those waves as “pitch.” Each musical note corresponds to a particular frequency, which can be measured in hertz. An infant's ear is able to perceive frequencies ranging from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz; the average adult human can hear can hear sounds between 20 Hz and 16,000 Hz.

The range of ultrasound, high-intensity infrasound, and other physical vibrations such as molecular vibrations extends into the megahertz range and well beyond. Ultrasound (dolphin talk) is telepathic and holographic. Meaning this is the invisible and dimensional ranges we feel, and naturally are affected by and relating on. In fact, a deaf person can feel “holographic sound” much like a “hearing impaired” individual feels music. By the physics of resonance, when we encounter and feel "holographic sounds", we naturally start to mimic those wave patterns of design.

We are "holographically communicating" like spherical geometry. See image below. Our minds (thoughts) are creating electrical currents, and are in constant relationship (sending signals) back and forth to our center. Our hearts (feelings) are creating electromagnetic fields and is ‘sensing’ our environments 24/7, much like our planet’s behavior.

This “communication field of dialogue” between our heart and mind is constantly creating invisible life forces.

In musical terms, this would be our never-ending circles of harmonics… birds do it, bees do it, we all do it.

Essentially, our nature with Nature.

"The Digital Heart works with an Analog Mind to create Holographic Communications" ~ excerpt from Dolphin Talk

Holographic communications is sound we can feel, beyond our hearing range. “Ultrasound telepathy”, which is dolphin talk. A way of communications that we’re always ‘sensing.’ Why the stronger feelings of love and emotional waves are often beyond our logical thinking or control. When you think about it, the power of “sound waves” is behind all the music we listen to over and over.

"Dolphins are relating in ‘ultrasound holography’; short waves of higher frequencies or vibrations making 3D pictures. I believe humans are doing this with our hearts, this picture communications" - excerpt from Dolphin Talk

Holographic communications…
The same sound wave patterns of music.
The same sound wave patterns of animals.
The same sound wave patterns that are evoking our emotions, activating our memories, and creating memories being coded into our DNA (the brainchild of our cells.)

What’s the last thing we remember about a person or a song? Most often, it’s how they made us feel.
The circles of harmonics touching us.

What is the common bridge behind music and dolphin communications? Octave relationships. Sound waves affecting and being transmitted by water; life giving water molecules. In our bodies alone, we have 10 molecules of water surrounding each one of our trillions of cells. Every cell in our bodies act as small magnets and exhibit electromagnetic properties, meaning all cells are vibrating to certain frequencies, certain sound wave patterns, certain musical harmonies. Dolphins and whales have been the experts in sounding ‘octave relationships’ in our oceans.

Music is “talking” to and though our water connections, with the ocean being the biggest transmitter and receiver of sound; an enormous amplifying “life” speaker.

Many adults have been calling “holographic communications” the language of silence. Communications shared in the world of nonhuman animals. Which is really an oxymoron. The language of silence is primarily beyond our ‘hearing’ range, yet full of connections, vast vocabularies, emotions, cultural practices, and history. In fact, you’ll find in our relationships, communications, and languages, both nonhumans and humans are sharing memories. For those with animal companions at home, do your beloved pets remember when you come home, where they buried the bone, ate their meals, and who their family members are? Naturally they do.

Mum and Baby

There is a bridge of “connectivity” between their world and ours; designed within each of us from birth through life as we’re interacting with the invisible and unspoken fields of life surrounding us all.

Without force, without manipulation, the ocean is offering up their music to those who have ears to hear, and hearts to follow.


Stayed tuned for part 3…

Excerpts of "Music is the Sea" from the book, I am Dolphin, beneath the waves of holographic communications, by Dolphingirl ~ / Issue 188 - September 2018
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