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It’s March now and that means we are knee deep in Girl Scout Cookie season. And, guess what everybody?! My Girl Scout Cookies arrived! I am proud to announce that I have executed agonizing restraint through some miracle of the divine, because I still have cookies leftover! But as you can see, I did get a lot. I got almost every flavor (you know, for research purposes). I ordered them from the Girl Scout next door who delegated a bit of her cookie selling to her grandmother. I’d say for them, business is a booming!
Girl Scout Cookies

Now for Part 2 about the amazing subject of Girl Scouts and their cookies! I am going to cover this story with a drizzle of history, a sugar-sprinkling of surprising little-known fun facts and a finishing dollop of Girl Power! It’s time to crack open a box of your favorite flavor of crunchy sweet joy, and learn some empowering American History.

The Best Girl Scout There Ever Was
Juliette Gordon LowLet’s talk about Juliette Gordon Low better known to those closest to her as, Daisy. Who was she? In short, an unsung female badass of American History. Born on Halloween in 1860 in Savannah, Georgia. Little Daisy’s infancy was tumultuous one; during the time of the Civil War. Her father was a wealthy land and slave owner who went off to fight for the South. Daisy’s mother on the other hand, hailed from the North and believed in Abolition.

Daisy earned the nickname “Crazy Daisy” because of her unique way of stirring up trouble on her family’s plantation without meaning to. Her heart was always in the right place, but her mind was racing with ideas for how to help her loved ones as well as man-kind. She apparently was really good at losing track of time too, much to the ire of her high-born family with fancy functions to attend. She also loved to go hiking, play tennis and ride horses, all things that were frowned upon for a young-lady of high breeding to do. But at least she was very skilled with her schooling. She attended these boarding schools: Virginia Female Institute, Edgehill School, Miss Emmett's School, and Mesdemoiselles Charbonniers.

Eventually she grew into a lovely Southern Belle. She convinced her family to let her move to New York so that she could study art. Back then, that was one of the only professions a woman could seek that would have some semblance of independence. Because if there was one thing Juliette Magill Kinzie Gordon was good at, it was being an independant woman (Can I get an Amen!)Daisy

Then, of course, she had to go and fall in love with William Mackay Low, a wealthy cotton merchant. And then, during the wedding a freak accident occurred. A single piece of rice, thrown by a well wisher, somehow got lodged in Daisy’s ear, and it wouldn’t come out! Long story short, her ear was permanently damaged after this incident and she chronically suffered from ear infections and progressively went deaf over the course of her life. But at least she got to travel and she did a lot especially between her home in Savannah and her Married life home in the UK.

Then to add insult to her ear injury, her husband starts cheating on her and becomes a drunk! What the hell! Their divorce is a big mess. And then, right before it’s finalized, William Low has a seizure and dies while on a sex trip with his mistress Anne Bateman. The real messed up thing is that this tramp ended up with a sizeable amount of Low’s money, because he left it to Bateman in his will. Go figure. But after countless legal battles, Daisy was able to wrangle the rights to a small annual income and the Savannah Lafayette Ward estate.

So, now poor Daisy needs to find herself, and she travels all over the world looking for herself and her purpose in life. She did not wallow in self pity, oh no, she was, after all, an independant woman again. She fixed herself up “Eat, Pray, Love” style. Daisy finally meets the man with the plan who would change the course of her life from that point on, and show her her purpose.

The Rise of the Girl Scouts
In 1911, Daisy met general Robert Baden-Powell who happened to be the leader of the Boy Scouts in Great Britain. Daisy and Powell became great friends and she realized there was a need to form an organization for young girls to collectively gather and participate in fun and educational experiences. How did she realize this you ask? Well, the boy scout’s little sisters would come to the boy scout meetings dressed in make-shift the boy scout uniforms. They wanted to be included in the activities too! However, Gender rules being what they were, there was a lot of uncomfortable feelings in the air.

TroopsDaisy used this as an opportunity to form a group called Girl Guides. She started small. The first few troops in Scotland and London were a success and Daisy had found her purpose. She made a long distance call home to Savannah to announce that she was coming home and that she was bringing something new and exciting with her!

On March 12th, 1912, Daisy registered the first troop of American Girl Guides, the first on the register was her own niece, Margaret “Daisy Doots” Gordon. In 1913, the Girl Guides were renamed the Girl Scouts and Daisy used her own dwindling savings to push the organization to new horizons.
TroopGirl Scouts Today

Where My Cookie Girls At?
Then in 1917, in Muskogee, Oklahoma Girl Scout cookies were born. The Mistletoe Troop had previously earned money for their troop activities by setting up kissing booths. Then someone had the idea to roll out a simple sugar cookie recipe in the local high school cafeteria. Turns out, cookies sold even better. You can find a recipe for the girl scout cookies that were made in 1922 on Isn’t that just the Cat’s Pajamas!

Sadly, on January 17, 1927, Juliette Gordon Low died just 13 years after founding the Girl Scouts from Breast Cancer. She was buried in her Girl Scout Uniform in Laurel Grove Cemetary in Savannah. Girl Scouts now have over 2.7 million scouts and the caring and courageous spirit of Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low lives on in the hearts of all Girl Scouts.

Fun Facts!
I find this kinda funny; did you know, Honey Boo Boo is banned from selling Girl Scout Cookies? Oh yeah! Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, America’s favorite redneck pageant girl got in tiara deep the GSUSA. Honey Boo Boo, aka Alana Thompson and her mother began selling signed boxes of girl scout cookies on Facebook and then donated the profits to their local Girl Scout Troop. They only problem with that is the fact that Alana is not an actual Girl Scout. The Girl Scouts called off her operation because they said it was taking the work and experience away from the actual Girl Scouts. Party Foul Honey.
Girl Scouts

Ever wondered which girl holds the record for the most amount of cookies ever sold? Well with technology on the rise, the numbers and girls are always changing and growing to new heights. I can tell you about a couple girls who made history. Elizabeth Brinton, in her day, was known as the Cookie Queen. She holds a record of selling more that 100,000 boxes of cookies. She even sold them to famous people like Ronald Regan and Sandra Day O’Conner.

Now there is a new kid on the block and she’s one tough cookie! Katie Francis, a sixth-grader, sold 18,107 boxes in 7 weeks and that’s just this year. She has been shattering Cookie Sales records for 3 years in a row! She stockpiles tens of thousands of boxes in her mom’s garage during cookie season. And when the season is over, mom can park her car in there again, cause those cookies be GONE! Brinton may be the Cookie Queen, but Francis is no doubt a Cookie BOSS! Katie is even invited to colleges and universities to give talks about her business skills! Yeesh, girl! Slow down! My biggest accomplishment in sixth-grade was dissecting a grasshopper.

Keep CalmThere is a strain of marijuana called Girl Scout Cookies, it has nothing at all to do with the actual Girl Scouts... on paper... but I’m on to them. Because you know there is a market for selling Girl Scout cookies to potheads. I smell a conspiracy! Or maybe I should just open a window.

In 1933, you could buy a box of Girl Scout Cookies for just .23¢!! And not only that, you’d get 44 cookies in the box! Granted .23¢ was a lot of money back then.

And the final fun fact I’ll leave you with dear readers is that there are many cookies flavors that never really got any love and it’s a pity because I am a sucker for variety. Indeed so many intriguing cookie flavors got the boot like: Fruity Mango Cremes (YUM!), Jam-filled Iced Berry Piñatas, and Zesty Chip-Studded Lemon Drops. I think with some edits to the nomenclature these cookies could make a mean comeback! What say you?

So with this new intel about the Girl Scouts of America and the hard work they do, don’t forget to buy a box or two, if not for you, share them with a friend or even a stranger. That’s the easiest way to tell the Girl Scouts, Scout Moms/Grandmas/Aunts/Big Sisters and Juliette Gordon Low, Thanks-A-Lot® / Issue 189 - April 8111
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