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By Cecilia Galante

$14.99 William Morrow

In THE ODDS OF YOU AND ME author Cecilia Galante weaves a poignant tale about self-worth, self-reliance and the challenges that can come with second chances.

Bernadette “Bird” Sincavage is on the road to creating a new life for herself and her four-year-old son Angus. After being busted for writing bad checks to a supermarket she’s made full restitution and is just two weeks from the end of her probation. Unable to make ends meet, Bird has been living with her bible-thumping mother who believes the road to redemption will only be found by attending church. But Bird is having none of it and finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, she makes plans to move into an apartment on nearby Moon Lake where she can raise Angus by herself and lead a normal, peaceful life. All she has to do is steer clear of trouble for 13 more days.

But while watching the evening news, Bird is stunned to see that James Rittenhouse, an unrequited love from her past, has just escaped police custody after assaulting a man in a bar. And she is even more stunned when, running an errand for her mother that has brought her to church, she discovers James, injured and afraid, hiding in the choir loft. Once upon a time, James saved her life and she desperately wants to do the right thing and re-pay the favor. But will saving him mean her undoing or will redemption come to her in the guise of risking it all?

Galante delivers a real nail-biter of a story filled with vivacious characters that grab you by the scruff of the neck and refuse to let go. Beautifully written and hard to put down this is a book you won’t want to miss.

THE INFINITE VIEW A Guidebook for Life on Earth By Ellen TaddTHE INFINITE VIEW A Guidebook for Life on Earth
By Ellen Tadd

$26.00 Tarcher Penguin

Ellen Tadd, internationally known clairvoyant counselor and author has been teaching and counselling clients for more than 30 years. And in her new book THE INFINITE VIEW she provides tools which can help readers discover a pathway to spiritual perception and intuitive cognition.

As a child, Ellen Tadd perceived the world around her in ways that were different than most people. Not only could she see auras but she regularly found herself engaged in astral projection and could read peoples thoughts without even trying to do so. But as time went on, Tadd began to assimilate these talents into her everyday life and thus began her journey towards helping others understand their intuitive natures and to harness them. Throughout this marvelous and intriguing book, Ms. Tadd introduces the reader to various practices such as sustaining positivity in the face negative energy, integrating spiritual practices while going about daily tasks and learning to harness the power of the “third eye” which helps us perceive uncomfortable or challenging circumstances through an objective lens. And as we better understand these techniques, Tadd assures us, we will then be on the path to finding clarity in our daily lives and become better equipped to deal with the challenges that come with the territory.

Engaging and easy to read, this little tome is a handy guide for anyone who wants to achieve an understanding about spiritual practices. Tadd’s inviting and conversational prose makes this book a pleasure to read and revisit again and again.

By Lynne Branard

$15.00 Berkley

From New York Times bestselling author Lynne Branard comes her latest novel, TRAVELING LIGHT a story about self-exploration, friendship and the unexpected vistas that can appear when traversing the road of life.

Alissa Wells leads a predictable life. Working for her father’s small newspaper in Clayton, North Carolina, she’s a fairly happy single woman with a good job, a nice house and a three-legged dog named Casserole. But when she bids on the contents of an abandoned storage unit and finds the cremated remains of Roger Hart, a man she’s never met, she decides to shake things up by taking a road trip to New Mexico in order to return his ashes to his loved ones. There’s just one catch - Al has no information to go other than the business card attached to the box in which the ashes are contained. But this fact does little to deter her and loading Roger, a small suitcase and Casserole into the back of her beat-up old car, she hits the road.

Enter Blossom, a young waitress whom Al meets one day into her trip. An energetic and curious soul, Blossom hitches a ride with her and as they wind their way towards New Mexico Blossom begins to post their trip on Facebook, complete with pictures of Roger, at scenic stops along the way. And as the miles roll by Al’s life begins to open up like the road ahead of her which leads her to question the choices she’s made in her 35 years on the planet.

Beautifully written with a cast of characters so real they almost leap from the page, Branard hands us a story that’s bursting with emotion and wisdom. This wonderfully relaxing read will grab you from word one and stay with you long after you have finished the final sentence. / Issue 189 - September 2018
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