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What's Good for Fall.

I have a sampler pillow. It reads: "Nobody knows anything." If you work in entertainment, especially TV, you know this to be true. Having said this, I will now list some of the shows for Fall that I think are worth watching:

FOX: 24 starring Keifer Sutherland: the 24 episodes represent the hours in the one day that a government task force has to prevent a political assassination. Different, suspenseful, Kiefer's all grown up, and the targeted Senator is the super Dennis Haysbert.

ABC: Thieves starring John Stamos and Melissa George as opposites attracting while they steal; Alias starring Jennifer Garner, Victor Garber and the hot Michael Vartan in the hippest CIA yarn ever - think "Run Lola Run" with a twist of "Nikita" and "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon."

CBS: The Guardian, smart and stylish drama starring impressive Aussie import Simon Baker as an arrogant corporate lawyer sentenced to community service after a drug bust. Alan Rosenberg doesn't hurt, either; Wolf Lake starring Lou Diamond Phillips, Graham Greene and Tim Matheson, set in a scary, creepy town where wolves are people too; The Education of Max Bickford, an elegant one-hour that belongs to Richard Dreyfuss, with an assist from another Oscar winner, Marcia Gay Harden - they're both college professors.

NBC: UC Undercover, an updated Wiseguy, about a team of talented undercover cops, with the icky/swell film villain William Forsythe doing the Sonny Steelgrave turn.

UPN: this is where you go this year to see Buffy.

WB: Smallville, which could be called Clark Kent: The Early Years. Thought I'd hate it; loved it. Great Superman in the drop dead handsome newcomer Tom Welling, and a complex and compelling Lex Luther in the sly Michael Rosenbaum. And then there's John Schneider looking pretty damn good as Clark's dad. / Issue 19 - September 5455
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