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Well..Dishmagland. lots to catch up on this month!!!

A long stay in Nashville and looking at the picture from a different angle.. Nashville truly is Music City USA!!!!! What a wonderful place to dive into creative waters...............such a talented nucleus of artists... It's been fun and interesting to watch the ups and the not so-up, careers of my talented friends in Nashville....

One I will mention right off the top is Kristy Kay..definitely UP I have seen her go through so much and finally!!!!!!! The golden ring that many of us want so badly is hers...A RECORD DEAL.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isn't that what we artists want???? Sign the name on the dotted line.. carry home a check (legit)....have a family (label).. a work with, to validate what we artists go through......

The questions and doubts Do I have what it takes?? Am I good enough?? and then WHAMO a major label wants YOU!!!! WOW!!!! congrats Kristy!! Oh My God!!! How exciting! Keep an ear open for her new Pop single "Who's That Lovin' You Now" To be released this summer 2001

It's all about the climb...............

I try in my heart to believe every rung is a good one..we always seem to keep looking ahead at rungs (on the ladder) thinking.. if I can just get there, it's gotta be better than here...Well is it???

Reading interviews of the famous we would consider on top. seems they too have to look within to find the answers, the peace, the place that silence tells us it's ok. We're ok. / Issue 19 - September 2018
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