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Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Famer Sam Moore joins the legendary liner on her final transatlantic journey. It's a nostalgic recreation of the route she once sailed during her previous incarnation as the S.S. France, the last of the grand French cruise liners. This once in-a-lifetime cruise offers a rare opportunity to return to the golden era of passenger liners, a time when voyagers expected and received impeccable service and dined on the finest European cuisine.

For Moore---best-known for his work with the soul-stirring duo Sam & Dave---it marks the end of an era. The highly charismatic "Blues Brothers 2000" star has, for the past ten years, headlined on the Norway's stage. He' s known for wowing SRO crowds with his signature R & B hits "Hold On, I'm Comin'," "I Thank You," "When Something Is Wrong With My Baby," and "Soul Man." His wife and manager, Joyce Moore, admits, "We feel like we're losing family, but we're proud that Sam was asked to perform on this historic final voyage."

Christened by Madame Charles De Gaulle on May 11, 1962, in La Havre, France, the S.S. France ---with its "whale back" bow and trademark winged, two funnel exhaust system (designed to keep soot off the passenger deck)---was at 1,035 feet the longest ocean liner in the world and the pride of the French Line. She sailed the high seas until 1974, when she was forced back to her homeport, stripped and abandoned, the victim of airline competition. But instead of following her sister ships---the Ile de France , the Normandie , and the original France (which in 1956 transported Grace Kelly to Europe to marry Prince Ranier III of Monaco)-into oblivion, the France defied all odds. / Issue 19 - September 3296
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