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Have you got “Netflix & Chill” in your future? Then sit back, relax, and practice your evil laugh… Bill Nye is BACK! The entire first season of Bill Nye’s new talk show, Bill Nye Saves the World, will premiere on Netflix on April 21st. All 13 episodes will cover many interesting and somewhat politically themed topics like sex, GMOs, global warming, technology, alternative medicine, and much more!

Bill Nye Saves the World

Nye knows that his audience is all grown up now, so what he is going to talk about in this series will be grown up to. Bill will not be alone in his mission to “Save the World”; he will have some help from his correspondents. There will be many celebrity appearances and regular segments with his science correspondents like: Karlie Kloss, Emily Calandrelli, Joanna Hausmann, Derek Muller, Nazeem Hussain, Zach Braff & Donald Faison (from Scrubs), Rachel Bloom (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), Diamond Stone, Tim Gunn, Wil Wheton, Joel McHale (he’s an astronaut), Steve Aoki, Alton Brown and more!

Bill Nye Saves the World

Do you remember how excited you would get, hearing the theme song to Bill Nye the Science Guy? The show and the persona of Bill Nye the Science Guy is the ultimate morsel of 90s nostalgia. It aired on PBS during the years of 1993 to 1998. I remember watching Bill Nye, of my own volition, on TV at home. However many other 90’s kids got to watch it in their science classes. What a treat! Bill Nye was always this kooky looking nerd who knew exactly the right words to use and topics to cover to make science fun and understandable for everyone.

As we all know, this decade, the “Twenty-Tweens” is all about 90s nostalgia, and Nye, has heard the call for a comeback. The date that his show is premiering is no coincidence either. April 21st is the day before Earth Day. April 22, 2017. Earth day is also when The March for Science will take place in Washington D.C. as well as many other cities and towns.

Bill Nye Saves the World

The March for Science is a public gathering to show support for the work being done in the scientific community to improve human life, and battle anti-science rhetoric that is currently clouding the American political community. ( And guess who plans on being there front and center? I’ll give you a hint, he always wears a bowtie.

Bill Nye Saves the WorldBut what has Bill been up to all this time? Well he sure hasn’t been locked up in an underground lab conducting experiments in the dark ( I mean he may have, but not for years at a time… that would be ridiculous), that is to say, he’s been up to a lot! Since 1998, Bill has hosted a few  other TV shows, written several books, and become the CEO of the Planetary Society which was started by Bill’s teacher, famed astrophysicist Carl Sagan. Bill also got to work voicing some of those ride promo things that you hear before getting on a roller coaster or themed ride at Epcot. He has had cameos and special appearances on several youtube channels that focus on science like AsapSCIENCE and Vsauce. He responded to some mean tweets, ala Jimmy Kimmel style.  And, Bill even danced for a few weeks on season 17 of Dancing with the Stars! He has been regularly featured on several network news outlet shows, like the O’Reilly Factor, as an advocate for recognizing global warming and the theory of evolution. His most famous and heated debates about these issues have been between the Pro-Trump meteorologist Joe Bastardi known for denying the existence of global warming and Ken Ham, the creationist scientist who argues that the universe was created less than 4,000 years ago and that there is no such thing as evolution. Tough issues, but Bill is pretty good about keeping a calm demeanor... most of the time anyways.

More recently, in between filming Bill Nye Saves the World I would imagine, he managed to participate in a documentary about his life and views called: Bill Nye Science Guy. The documentary took two years to make and it was funded by donations through It finally had it’s debut not long ago in a small theater for 600 people. Bill took his seat right in the middle of the crowd to watch the final product of the project he’d worked so hard on for the first time.

Bill Nye Saves the WorldThe documentary covers the issues that are most important to Bill like global warming and passing on what we learn now to future generations so that technology and humankind can continue to be innovative and great. It also touches on some of the more personal aspects of our favorite science guy. Like why he never went on to earn a Phd, or why he made the choice to remain unmarried and not have children and about how a genetic condition called ataxia has plagued his family for generations. It’s a real and unapologetic glimpse into the man that is Bill Nye. I can’t wait until the producers of this documentary have found a way to mass produce the movie for the general public. Currently, that is in the works, but no release date has been announced.

In the meantime, however, let’s not let that stop us from this momentous occasion. And that is, Bill Nye is gonna, dare I say it, “Save the World” one Netflix episode at a time! So go forth and don your bow ties, it’s going to get science-y out there! / Issue 190 - April 8327
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