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ELECTRIFYING! Favorite ELECTRIC CAR Concepts! By Corey Conley

Go Slow! Save Dough! TOP TIPS FOR SAVING $$$ ON GAS By Deidre Ortiz


12 Self-Made FEMALE BILLIONAIRES! (Yes, that's with a B!) Mamie Nash

PRISON BREAK RESURRECTED! Michael's Escaping AGAIN! By Gerri Miller

Science Rules! Bill Nye Saves the World By Karina Solá

Women Making HER-STORY! by Taylor Boyd

WOMEN Who Made HER-STORY! PART 2- Heroines Through the AGES! by Taylor Boyd

Fashion & Beauty

FRESH SPRING HAIR! Braids, She Bangs, a Twist & more... by Moriah Hurston

Good-bye Shampoo! HELLO, “NO POO” METHOD By Moriah Hurston

SPRING MADNESS? Beat the Unpredictable STAY-AT-HOME SPA! By Joanna Bradley

WEAR IT OUT: The Rebirth of Manny Cuevas By Shane Almgren

WEARABLE TECH-KNOWLOGY! Fashion Trend of the Future Moriah Hurston


COUCH TO 5K: Seven Steps To Get In Shape! BY Savannah Packard

Skin Cream Good Enough To Eat! MEDICINE MAMAS APOTHECARY Ocea Demer


5 Top Tips for Surviving SPRING CLEANING Moriah Hurston

ALL BOOKED UP: Reducetarian SOLUTION, SISI Empress, Ordinary GOODNESS by Rachel Gladstone

EARTH TALK! What Has the EPA Done for the Environment? From the Editors of E - The Environmental Magazine

GREENOVATIONS: Looking Forward to Earth Month 2017 By Veronica Rajadnya

Handywoman's ODD FIXES THAT.....WORK! Check ‘em out! Lauren Oldham

MAGIC HAT #9: Taste the Intrigue of APRICOT BEER & Yummy Recipes By Dustin Evans


Modern Rockers, Vintage Riffs, Garage Bands! ROCK N’ ROLL is Here to STAY! Jared Rigsby



11 People Foods That Can KILL YOUR DOG! Karina Sola

Me-oww! Killer CAT FOOD DANGERS! By Corey Conley


MAGIC DAYS in DUBLIN! by Marjie McGraw

Magic Days in DUBLIN, Part II Marjie McGraw

Ride the Choo Choo to Con Nooga By Karina Solá

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