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New York has long been a place to see and be seen, a fact automakers have known for decades as they roll out their hottest debuts under the brightest of lights in the biggest of cities. Here are our favorite cars which took a bow in the Big Apple.

2018 Acura TLX

A moment of silence now for Acura’s much unloved “power plenum” styling language which was oft derided as a “beak” at the prow of every Acura. Okay, moment’s over, and not a second too soon as Acura has fitted their newest five sided grill to their bread-and-butter mid-sized sedan, the TLX. Unknown is whether this will help Honda’s luxury marquee elbow into the entry-luxury segment long dominated by Lexus and the Germans, not to mention solid entries by Buick and Cadillac. It’s certainly a step in the right direction, especially so when combined with the restrained yet sporty appearance of the A-Spec package which adds dark finish rims along with gloss black exterior trim and other, smaller styling improvements. Notably absent is anything which improves performance beyond that of the standard TLX. Only time will tell if this sharp sedan can stand out in an increasingly crowded field.

Buick Regal TourX

One of Acura’s competitors, Buick, isn’t content to compete in the staid world of luxury sedans. The Buick Regal TourX is actually the latest in a series of European station wagons imported and localized into the United States under the auspices of being a low-slung crossover. Originally an Opel Insignia, GM slapped on some plastic to disguise its humble origins, then added all-wheel drive for an ounce of credibility. The end result is one of the longest and most luxurious wagons on sale in the US. Whether their diabolical plan succeeds depends on how Americans take to the handsome and loooong crypto-wagon.
Buick Regal

2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Many dream of piloting a curvaceous Italian sports car down a winding country road, but the reality is far more would actually drive a slab-sided Italian SUV to the Jamba Juice. At least that’s the wager Alfa Romeo is making as they introduce their first crossover to the United States. Despite the frump inherent to the form, the Italians have fashioned an inordinately handsome box on wheels with a nicely equipped and appointed interior. The base model will roll with a 280 horsepower turbocharged four cylinder, with a turbo V-6 and a host of performance goodies awaiting those who trade up for the 505 horsepower Stelvio Quadrifoglio.
Alfa Romeo Stelvio

2018 Dodge Demon

After a prolonged promotional campaign Dodge finally took the wraps off their 2018 Challenger SRT Demon. The Demon is a street legal drag racer capable of besting cars far more expensive than its $85,000 asking price. Up to 840 horsepower, depending on configuration, can propel the Demon so quickly it will perform a wheelie upon launch. Aside from the extra power, the Demon boasts extra wide tires to put the power down, wide fenders to house the tires, and special cooling, suspension, and launch control bits to keep the car melting faces all day long.
Dodge Demon

2018 Kia Rio

Kia’s last subcompact Rio was notable for its class-leading standard features and actually having a bit of flair in a class known more for frugality than fashion-forward designs. Kia’s designers have flattened and squared off the previous Rio’s more bulbous lines in an effort to add some visual length and maturity. The interior is newly freshened as well, with colored accents rendered in higher quality materials. The nicer materials have more surface to cover, as both interior and exterior volumes have posted modest gains. Although most buyers will be delighted by the addition of features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Kia made the unusual decision to reduce power from the outgoing model, dropping it from 138 to 130 horses. In return, Kia promises the move will improve fuel efficiency even further for their featherlight hatch.
Kia Rio

2018 Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

Although the current Panamera is technically a five-door, its sloped, fastback design gives it the profile of a conventional sedan. The Sport Turismo will suffer no such confusion, as its rear hatch sits high and proud, like a proper Euro-Wagon should. Besides the new rear door and standard all wheel drive, the Sport Turismo offers the same powertrain options as the regular model, with up to 550 horsepower and hybrid options for those willing to pay the piper. Likewise, the Turismo will receive the same sumptuous interior as the flat-derriere version. Prices for a piece of high-dollar European panache start at $97,250 and climb precipitously from there.
Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo / Issue 191 - September 2018
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