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Premieres May 25 at 9 p.m ET/PT on Fox

The popular app Shazam comes to TV as an interactive game show that pits teams of two against the clock and each other as they attempt to identify the biggest hit songs of all time. In each round, host Jamie Foxx presents a choice of two categories and teams must indentify the song they hear first in order to build their cash banks. The team with the lowest score gets eliminated until there’s one left, and that pair faces the music against Shazam.

“Shazam is one of the most beloved apps in the marketplace, and can identify millions of songs in a matter of seconds – whether you’re using it to discover a new band or to identify a newly released hit from your favorite artist,” says executive producer Jeff Apploff. “It reaches more than 160 million music lovers worldwide, and combined with Jamie Foxx’s amazing talent and worldwide star power, we simply can’t imagine a greater team to create the next big music game show."

Executive producer Mark Burnett also sings the multi-faceted Foxx’s praises. “He is an incredible actor, comedian, singer and dancer,” says Burnett “His musical knowledge is so great that he could probably Beat Shazam.”

Premieres May 30 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on NBC

Forget mirror balls and six-figure prizes. NBC’s dance competition World of Dance ups the ante with an unprecedented $1 million for the winning group, duo or solo dancer. Handpicked from national qualifying events, open casting calls and online video submissions and separated into three divisions (17 and under, 18 and up and teams), contestants will compete in all dance styles in five elimination rounds on the way to the grand finale.

Judges Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough, and NE-YO and host/mentor Jenna Dewan Tatum, all superstar dancers in their own right, will put the hopefuls through their steps.

“It’s a dream come true to create an opportunity for dancers where they can be the stars, create their own brand, make a name for themselves, and make that type of money,” says Lopez, who’s also an executive producer. “You don't get into dance thinking, ‘I'm going to be famous.’ ‘I'm going to be rich.’ You get into dancing because you love to dance. I remember having one slice of pizza every day when I was a dancer. That's how I lived for a couple years before I got my first big job. But I wouldn't trade it for the world, and none of these dancers would. They love what they do.”

Derek Hough was impressed by the jaw-dropping performances. “There are numerous moments in this show where we are gasping, clenching, standing up, and terrified by the death‑defying moves and stunts that are happening,” says the Dancing with the Stars pro and six-time champion. “There were many, many injuries. We actually saw somebody pop an Achilles heel before us.”

“The skill level of the competitors is through the roof and off the charts,” adds NE-YO. “There's no such thing as an amateur when it comes to World of Dance.  Everybody is 100 percent professional. They’re world class.”

Although she’s danced on screen and stage, Jenna Dewan Tatum had never hosted before. “It challenged me to work a different muscle. I had to be sort of a mama to all the dancers, going on the ride with them, crying and cheering with them,” she says. “I was really involved in the dancers’ journey and that was the best part.”


She’s also thrilled to be part of something that gives dancers the respect and compensation that they deserve. “Dancers put our lives on the line. We get hurt. We’re in pain. But it’s a passion that rules our lives,” she says. “I would have given anything for this opportunity when I started as a dancer.”

The contestants’ talent impressed J. Lo, who has been dancing since she was five years old. “It just reminded me of all of the reasons why I love dancing, why I wanted to do this in the first place,” she says. “I guarantee you, within the first half hour of the show, you are going to laugh, you are going to cry, and you are going to dance.”

Premieres May 31 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on USA

Imagine The Newlywed Game with parents and their kids and you’ll have an idea of this family-friendly show that aims to find out how well adults and their offspring know each other.

Each week, three teams of celebrity moms or dads and one of their kids work together for points in an effort to win $5000 for their charity. There’s plenty of comedy along the way as funny anecdotes are told and mildly embarrassing secrets are revealed.

Cat Deeley, who will return to host the 14rh season of Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance on June 12, serves as host for this six-episode series, which features five rounds of play incorporating matching and multiple choice questions and games similar to Pictionary and charades.

Celebrity parents include Teri Polo, Gilles Marini, Joey Fatone. Penn Jillette, Brooke Burke, Mario Lopez, Christina Milian and sports stars Greg Jennings, Chad Johnson, David Ross, and Kenny Smith

Premieres May 31 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox

Chef Gordon Ramsay does double duty on Wednesdays this summer with the eighth season of the home cook competition Masterchef at 8, followed by the U.S. debut of The F Word, which ran for five seasons in the U.K. Teams made up of family members will match culinary skills in a cook-off in an effort to impress Ramsay and celebrity and VIP taste-testers. There’s a variety aspect to it as well: Ramsay interviews special guests in the dining room and chats up fans, foodies and experts in remote segments.
“I can’t wait for viewers to see the other surprises we have in store for each episode,” says Ramsay. The show will air live in the eastern half of the country, so given his love for the four-letter word of the title, there had better be a seven-second delay!

Premieres June 11 at 9 p.m ET/PT on ABC

It’s Shark Tank taken to a whole new level as budding entrepreneurs battle head-to-head for funding in Steve Harvey’s Funderdome, from Shark Tank creator Mark Burnett. This time, the audience decides.

"It’s a modern day version of being in the Roman Colosseum—it's big, you’re surrounded by lights, and it’s just you and your idea," compares Harvey, who also hosts Celebrity Family Feud, returning for its third season the hour before.

“It’s left up to 400 people who can say, ‘I think this is really great and I’m going to give you the money. The horde can determine if a product or idea gets a thumbs up or thumbs down.” The two contestants will face a big dilemma in each round: risk losing everything in the crowd vote or cash out for a lesser prize.

Steve Harvey’s Funderdome plays into all aspects of business. It gives the everyday common person a shot at becoming big time. The players have tough decisions to make: do I take the money and run, do I live by the principle that anything ‘inch by inch is a cinch,’ or go for all or nothing?” Harvey adds. “For the audience at home, this show represents hope because everybody has had a good idea, lived in the moment of ‘what-if,’ and ‘oh-man-if-I-could-just-only’…everybody in the house can imagine themselves sitting with an idea they got, no matter how small you think it is.”

Premieres June 12 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox

People with extraordinary abilities populate fantasy fiction, comic books and movies, but they also exist in real life, and the contestants in Superhuman are proof. Hosted by Kal Penn, and expanded to series from a special that aired in January 2016, each episode features five contestants whose amazing sensory, memory or motor skills are tested in challenges. Judges Mike Tyson, Christina Milian and brain surgeon and neuroscientist Dr. Rahul Jandial--who offers expert commentary--pick one winner that takes home $50,000.

“We engage the contestants and each other, and woven into that I explain what’s going on with these fantastic contestants,” says Jandial. “These people are not born with these talents. They’ve dedicated their lives to cultivating them,” he adds, noting that some, like stereoscopic vision, are exceeding rare, as is synesthesia---the ability to perceive sound as shape and color.

“The show is exciting, fun, good family entertainment,” and educational at the same time, Jandial says. “If the average person watches the show and thinks about what is being explained, they can improve their brain function and get it to the next gear.”

Premieres June 22 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC

From the Jackson 5 and the Monkees to NKOTB, New Edition and the Backstreet Boys to the Jonas Brothers and One Direction, boy bands have sold millions of records and packed arenas with screaming fans. This summer, the search is on for a new young male supergroup.

In Boy Band, young men ages 14-23 will audition for a spot in a new quintet; the first three weeks of the ten-week series will involve auditions and first round competition, and subsequent rounds will be live. To-be-named “architects”—coaches—will arrange the singers in groups and these will go head to head in a live viewing audience vote. The winners will get a recording contract with Hollywood Records.

Premieres June 22 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC

Celebrities help civilian contestants win up to $25,000 in the fifth season of three party game show “Hollywood Game Night,” which will feature cast members of popular shows like This is Us, Superstore, Veep and The Walking Dead playing together as a team. Michael Bolton, Taye Diggs, Margaret Cho, RuPaul are just a few of the stars you’ll see letting loose and getting silly.

“The audience is going to love it where it goes completely off the rails,” says host Jane Lynch. “Sometimes it does feel like herding cats, but it's fun.”

Premieres June 29 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC

Forty years ago, back when there were just three broadcast networks, the biggest stars from ABC, CBS and NBC met on the campus of Pepperdine University in Malibu, California to face off in games like the tug-of-war, obstacle course and the dunk tank. First shown in November 1976, a series of Battle specials aired nineteen times between then and 1988 on ABC. Fans tuned in to watch stars like Farrah Fawcett, Tom Selleck, Robin Williams, Valerie Bertinelli, David Letterman and Ron Howard compete for bragging rights.

This summer, ABC is reviving the pop culture classic for ten episodes to be filmed at Pepperdine, with host and commentators to be announced. Instead of dividing along network lines, the teams will be organized by character and theme.

“The network vs. network format didn’t make as much sense as fielding teams based on the characters you love from over the years to the current day--cops vs. doctors; soap vixens vs. lawyers, moms and dads vs. villains, etc.,” says executive producer Andrew Glassman. “In this way, we get to see our favorites from over the years, even if they spanned different networks at the time.”

Glassman thinks it’s the perfect time to revive Battle of the Network Stars. “The name itself fills you with nostalgia and a sense of positive energy, like the beach party you really want to be invited to with your favorite people from TV.”

Premieres July 9 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS

The popular and highly addictive mobile game Candy Crush—and its Saga offshoots--comes to TV this summer in an interactive game show that challenges teams of two to test their wits and physical agility in the Candy Crush Arena. Contestants will have to swing, slide and swipe to make matches and avoid obstacles in order to win.

“The Candy Crush franchise provides daily entertainment for people worldwide so we’re excited to give our players an opportunity to enter the deliciously sweet and colorful world of the Candy Kingdom via this high-energy, live television game show,” says executive producer Sebastian Knutsson.

Actor, Extra host and gamer Mario Lopez is the host. “As a player, I am excited to step into the real life Candy Crush Arena,” he says. Sweet indeed!


America’s Got TalentNBC’s America’s Got Talent returns for its twelfth season on May 30, with new host Tyra Banks joining judges Simon Cowell, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel. The search for the next Food Network Star begins June 4, with Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis putting the contestants’ culinary talents to the test. Also in the food realm, The Great British Baking show’s fourth season premieres on PBS stations June 16.

Rebooted classic game shows The $100,000 Pyramid, hosted by Michael Strahan, and To Tell The Truth, hosted by Anthony Anderson, return to ABC June 11 and June 14 respectively. Celebrities helping contestants conquer the Pyramid this season include Ken Jeong, Tom Bergeron. Dr. Mehmet Oz, Rachael Ray, and LL Cool J. ABC is also reviving the wacky ‘70s talent competition The Gong Show on June 22, its host celebrity judges yet to be announced. NBC brings back the pachinko-like game The Wall on June 22, hosted by Chris Hardwick.

A new batch of contestants trying to evade eviction and win $500,000 enter the Big Brother house on June 28 as the Julie Chen-hosted show launches its 18th season on CBS, and starting June 13, special effects makeup artists create fantastical creatures in season 12 of Syfy’s Face Off, subtitled Divide and Conquer. McKenzie Westmore returns to host.

Endurance competitions are back as well. On June 11, military heroes paired with ordinary people undertake tough challenges to win $250,000 in Fox’s American Grit, hosted by John Cena. And beginning June 12 on NBC, contestants must conquer increasingly impossible obstacle courses on the way to becoming American Ninja Warrior and winning $1 million. / Issue 191 - April 7519
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