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Everyone has a story in their family about the time their crazy aunt made some “special” brownies and their mother (your grandmother) ate them; not knowing what they were. No? Not everyone? Ok, well, that did happen in my family. But it’s not such a far-fetched story is it?

It just goes to show that “pot brownies” are certainly a well known concept; a tired, boring and overdone concept.

For decades in the United States people have chosen to eat marijuana buds that were baked right into the boxed brownie batter. And eating one or more of those pot brownies yielded various results. You could eat a brownie that had a small dose in it, and spend the night waiting and waiting for….what? Nothing’s happening. Or, you could eat too much or get a really high dose and you would get so stoned that it was scary and you’d feel like you were gonna die. But you won’t die, promise, it just feels that way. Alas, those were the days when “weed” was called “the reefer” and everyone “Made Love Not War” and nobody really cared what they were eating, if they ate at all (Seriously, people were so damned skinny in the 70s & 80s).
Well, with the upsurge in popularity of medical/recreational marijuana, people are excited to enjoy the HIGH-five shaped plant in as many ways as possible. In my opinion, this generation is all about improving and embellishing on the classics. Also, with so much technology and information available, it’s time to experiment!

So the main question for our experiment would be:

“What is possible when it comes to preparing cannabis for eating?”

It depends on how high you want to get with those possibilities because the sky's the limit! With a little discovery known as “Canna-Butter” the world of weed edibles is the pot-enthusiast’s proverbial oyster. That’s right, I’m saying, “Down with the Pot Brownies”. Canna-Butter recipes can now be found all over the interwebs! Aspiring canna-chefs all over the world are at the forefront of this exciting and inovative new enterprise and they are going to start a revolution. Just so you get a little taste of how versatile you can be with this little plant, read this amazing food description from a GQ article by Jeese Pearson.

“Both [pizzas] used hempseed dough. One was a classic Margherita with a psychoactive marinara sauce, an oregano and kief mix, and buffalo mozzarella. The second used pot pesto, prosciutto cotto, house made mozzarella, and ricotta. They had been cooked in [an] outdoor wood-burning oven, and the crust was rustic, browned, and crispy...In this course, the pot blended with its fellow ingredients so subtly that I had to remind myself not to have too many slices. It occurred to me how efficient this was: Most stoners have to smoke their weed and then eat their pizza. Here we were, revolutionaries, doing both at once.”

Now that brings a new meaning to a pizza pot pie right?! I shared that little blurb with you because it captures the right picture for how the future of eating pot should be and probably will be someday. It’s an art for lack of a better term. I picked that description because it broadly explains how creative you can get with THC in its different forms. Kinda like an egg. You can prepare marijuana food products in as many ways as Bubba Buford Blue could prepare shrimp. Infusing your food with cannabis can be a full on culinary experience. This guy, pictured here, feeds marijuana leaves to his pigs! Later, the pigs are slaughtered and used for cannabis infused dishes. Easy Hannibal...yikes.

Types of Weed and How to Use Them:

So, I recently learned that there are in fact 3 different main types of weed and countless strains. The first type is the most well known and it is the Sativa leaf. Then there is Indica and Ruderalis. See the chart for a brief description.
Types of Weed
Taming Mary Jane can be a real challenge. But, if you show her some love first, she will love you right
back. Cannabis chefs who are dedicated to cooking edible forms of marijuana know that in order to prepare a meal or snack/treat laced with cannabis, there is a lot to learn. There is math involved… scary. Well it’s scary for me anyways, but those that love Mary, don’t mind. In fact you could say that they RISE to the challenge.

There are quite a few factors to making edibles that you have to take into account like: There are the ways that you prepare the marijuana, what strain it comes from, the exact measurements so that you can get the right amount of Mgs into the food you are preparing. Then you have to heat it at different and exact temperatures and for the right amount of time. It’s involved.
You also, if you are serious, need to know about how pot affects the body. Knowing what CBD, CB1 and CB2 receptors are is super important when it comes to making your edibles. They are natural recepetors in your body that process cannabis and effect the kind of high you get and how it effects things like your mood. I'm getting close to pretty deep science waters here, and I have no wish to drown. So I'll keep this part light so that I don't tell ya'll the wrong things.
Suffice it to say, I am not a Canna-Chef and this is not my area of expertise. If you are interested in delving deeper into this world, there are countless websites and resorces out there and more are being added frequently. It is a full-blown dedication and lifestyle change to become a cannabis chef, so you have to be passionate. Passion, is the first ingredient to any dish.
Most people enjoy the old-school way of smoking a little pot to get high. And that's beautiful, I respect it. But for those who are bothered by coughing or getting a scratchy throat; edibles are a wonderful way to join the "green club". There is even a special kind of payoff if you eat your weed to get baked verses smoking it. According to, “When you smoke marijuana you’re converting a non-psychoactive “acid form” of THC into a psychoactive form of THC called delta-9 THC, which produces a unique set of effects... When you eat marijuana, your digestive system converts the inactive form of THC to delta-11 THC, a compound that produces different effects than delta-9. But you get the combined effect of the two.”

Also the high from smoking weed comes on faster than eating it and lasts a couple hours at most. If you eat your weed, it takes longer to affect you, but when it does it is a different more tangible kind of high. Or at least they say it is, I don’t know this personally. I swear! also says that it is better to eat your weed if you suffer from chronic conditions and pain because it alleviates that pain for longer. That is probably why they call marijuana “The Chronic”. I’m not sure and I don’t want to google it because it will just pop my enlightened bubble.

I swear, I’m not high! PSHHHSSSSS heheeheee.

Seeking Elevationism

Ok, so now that I’m mature again, we can continue and I can conclude this enlightening experience. Imaging having to get a reservation at a 5-star restaurant that used psychoactive herbs throughout their dishes? Would it be Reefer Madness? Or, would it be the start of a food revolution? Come on America! Let the chefs who work with green, these artists with Canna-Butter, practice their craft without fear of prosecution! There is so much that goes into the art of preparing these kinds of meals that it almost seems wrong that many states still ban recreational and medical marijuana. The preparation of these special meals could even be considered a type of spirituality.

Speaking of spirituality, did you know, somewhere in Denver, Colorado a new church just opened up? It’s called the International Church of Cannabis and they call marijuana “the sacred flower”.

Oh yeah, it’s a thing and they just opened up last month on April 20th (420). Oh yeah, they did. The “church” has also adopted April 20th as it’s holy day, like the stoner’s Christmas. It was founded by a man named Steve Burke who, along with a close knit group of friends, decided that traditional organized religions were dated and could not offer the tangible kind of spirituality necessary to feel close to a higher power.

The Church of Cannabis’s website has a cleverly written F.A.Q. that explains the church’s mission and how it is a space for all adults seeking to become elevationists. According to, “Members of the International Church of Cannabis are known as Elevationists. Through ritual, guided by spiritual practice, church members use the sacred flower to reveal the best version of self, discover a creative voice and enrich their community with the fruits of that creativity. Unlike other belief systems, there is no need to convert to Elevationism. It claims no divine law, no unquestionable doctrine, and no authoritarian structure.”

And here’s the kicker, the entire church is decorated in brilliant colorful art from artists Okuda San Miguel and Kenny Scharf. This art by itself is enough to send a sober person on a psychedelic trip.

So next time you’re in a circle of friends who are doing the ole puff-puff-pass, pass on the puff and try an edible! / Issue 191 - September 9513
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