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The editor of Dish Magazine called me up recently with an unusual request. A new movie was about to be released, an Australian production titled... "The Dish"! Naturally she wanted me to check it out. 

I'm thrilled to report that the movie "The Dish" is very much a winner. No, it's not about an effervescent Internet magazine -- it's about an enormous satellite dish in a middle-of-nowhere Australian sheep field, that NASA picked as backup to relay TV pictures of Neil Armstrong's 1969 moonwalk. 

I'm sure few people who watched Armstrong take his historic steps realized that they almost didn't get to see it at all. When the NASA receiver in California became ineffective, the Australian dish was called to perform -- and almost failed, due first to a power blackout and then to freak heavy winds. The film plays this for terrific suspense, interspersed with wry humor. I loved the local band who, when called to perform the American anthem, comes up with the theme from Hawaii Five-O.

Sam Neill, looking like your sexiest uncle, plays the team leader, Cliff Buxton, a wistful widower, whose 52nd birthday is the same day as the moon landing. And Patrick Warburton (you may remember him as Elaine's lunk-headed boyfriend in Seinfeld) is the Clark Kent-ish American from NASA, who at first patronizes the Ozzies, then comes to respect them.

The movie is shot in the golden light of nostalgia, and the soundtrack is chock full of great 60's oldies. When the team ultimately triumphs, beaming those heart-stopping pictures around the world, we're cheering all the way. / Issue 192 - September 9568
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