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If you’re a fan of the hippest architecture, most innovative furniture, and home accessory design, visiting the International Contemporary Furniture Fair at NYC’s Jacob K. Javits Center each year is like going to heaven. From across the globe, venerable manufacturers, dreamers and design students gather, to discover what the world’s design community has created this year, what newly invented materials have made never-before- possible designs a reality, and to show off their own creations to the market.

For the third year, Dish visited the ICFF, and once again was impressed with the ingenuity and beauty of what we saw. Following are 10 trendsetting products that prove that in 2004 home design can be both whimsical and practical. Dying to own what you see pictured here? The bad news is that most items probably will not be available in your hometown, but the good news is you can contact the manufacturers directly. Just go to the enclosed web addresses to contact them directly. They’ll be glad to hear from you!

1) Frank Gehry Furniture Collection for Heller

Designed by Frank Gehry, one of the world’s best known architects, this seven piece collection includes a sofa, easy chair, bench, coffee table/sitting area, and 3 different sized cubes made in silver resin. The pieces convey the architect’s famous deconstructivist aesthetic, and can be used inside or out. Faceted shapes, sleek surfaces and flowing lines create forms that are simultaneously complex and elegantly simple. “It’s not based on the bottom line,” says Allan Heller of Heller, the producer of Gehry’s line. “It’s the whole process of creating things that are appealing to a certain audience, and making sure we can distribute them around the world.”

The Frank Gehry Collection ranges from $200-$1200 depending upon the piece. For more information about the collection go to

2) PogoHome, by Urban Workshop

St. Louis-based designers Dave and Julie Scheu used their architecture background to devise their pogoHome Collection, rooms-on-poles that can go anywhere by simply wedging them between the ceiling and floor. Based upon the idea that furniture can literally be the room, the collection features various pole designs that serve the essential functions of a household (by holding clothes, books and plants), and those that add luxury to life (by displaying art or conversation pieces). “The inspiration was loft living, where you define areas with the furniture rather than building walls to break up the space into small rooms,” Dave Scheu says about the collection. “It’s also great for small spaces where you don’t have a lot of room, like an apartment.”

Pieces in the collection vary in price from $600-1900 depending upon the configuration of components. Go to for more information.

3) Artecnica

A member of the Los Angeles artist’s collaborative Artecnica, designer Tord Boontje invented the lighting structure Midsummer Light after the idea came to him while he was “walking through a forest and watching light and how it interacts with nature.” The fixture, made of Tyvek (the same material used for FedEx envelopes and medical gowns), was difficult for manufacturers to mass-produce because the complex detail in the fixture had never been cut industrially at that scale before. Midsummer Light is a floral design motif creating a romantic reminiscence of nature in an interior, with playful color, shadows and images.

This incredible piece is $70. For more information about “Midsummer Light” visit

4) Plynyl by Chilewich

Plynyl, invented and designed by Sandy Chilewich, is a textural, colorful, versatile woven vinyl floor surface created through bonding an extremely durable synthetic fabric to a high performance, flexible commercial grade backing. “The woven vinyl portion is really for outdoor furniture upholstery, but I felt it was very underutilized both from a design point-of-view, and a function point-of-view,” Chilewich explains. “It’s a hybrid – it has all the maintenance-free advantages of a tile, with all the softness and comfort of a carpet.” In addition, Plynyl is durable, stain-resistant, completely washable, and a beautiful addition to any home.

Prices begin at $100 for a 2’ x 3’ area rug. Wall to wall installation is also available. More information about Plynyl can be found at / Issue 192 - July 2018
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