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Although we usually feature a double issue in December, we here at Dish thought it might be fun to put out a double issue in June and re-visit some of our favorite things from past issues. Of course, this also gave us the added bonus of getting a few weeks off so we can enjoy the first blush of summer. So here are a few of my favorite books from the past year which I hope will help to get your summer off to a rollicking start. See you in August!

By Amy Schumer
$28.00 Gallery Books
From Emmy Award-winning comedian, actress and writer Amy Schumer comes her first book, THE GIRL WITH THE LOWER BACK TATTOO, a satirical look at fame and fortune, love, loss and the misadventures of her life.
Schumer sets the tone for this riveting and hilarious collection of essays with “An Open Letter to my Vagina” in which she confesses what every woman has wanted to say to own her nether regions but never had the balls to repeat. This is followed by the confessionary tale, “My Only One-Night Stand”, a story so jaw-droppingly funny and startlingly relatable that you’ll want to take this woman home with you and compare notes. Through Schumer’s wickedly honest take on everything from her body image to her disdain for insincerity, her dedication to her family and her unabashed love-affair with food, we learn how the comedian lost her virginity, how she dealt with getting rich and how she manages to stay true to the introvert deep inside while entertaining people for a living. And as she reveals details about her adolescent longings or her belief about why there are “Times It’s OK for a Man to Not Make a Woman Come During Sex”, you wonder at her ability to show her ass while simultaneously dispensing awesome pearls of wisdom; something that is not easy to do. But Schumer makes it look effortless
Charmingly self-deprecating and over-the-top funny, Schumer’s essays offer a glimpse into the past, present and even the future of this brilliant comedian’s life. Ms. Schumer’s wit and wisdom alternately reflects her most raunchy and righteous insights, and her conversational style makes you feel like you’re spending quality time with your favorite gal-pal at the best party you’ve ever been to. If you’re an Amy Schumer fan you’ll love, love, love this honest portrait from the Queen of Candid who will charm the pants off you from the first word until the very last.

By Rowan Coleman
$27.00 Ballentine Books 

From International bestselling author Rowan Coleman comes her latest novel WE ARE ALL MADE OF STARS, the compelling story of life and death, love and loss, and the moments caught in between.
Stella is a hospice nurse who works nights. She has undergone serious changes due to the fact that she and her veteran husband, Vincent, have been unable to connect, ever since he returned from Afghanistan an injured man. And where once she fought to save lives as an ER nurse, she is now content to help patients navigate the choppy waters of death. Stella helps her patients write their final letters to loved ones which she promises to send only after the patient has died. But when one of her patients confesses to a painful situation which Stella feels she could mend, she is torn as to whether or not to send the letter before her patient dies, therefore allowing that patient to make amends with the letter’s recipient while there’s still time.
Hope, a young woman whose life has been ruled by constant bouts with a life-threatening disease, is a patient at the hospice who is recovering from a serious near-death episode. Almost recovered and ready to go home, she wonders whether or not she can find the inner strength she needs to make a head-on run towards her life. And with Stella’s guidance, she starts to find her way one small step at a time.
Meanwhile, Hugh, a young man who is not a hospice patient, has spent his life alone, afraid to become too entangled with other people and their problems. But when he intersects with Stella in an unexpected way, a chapter in his life, long buried, resurfaces, which has the power to change everything. Whether or not he’s ready to make that change remains to be seen, but the pull towards a happy ending is a powerful thing and something he might not be able to resist. And as these characters come full circle, the magic elixir of life tugging at their heartstrings, each of them understands that all they can do is reach for redemption, take the reins and hold on tight.
This book had me at word one and I was compelled to stay up way past my bedtime, several nights running, until I had finished the final sentence. A feast of emotions, insights and unexpected epiphanies, this story saw me shedding unbridled tears of both joy and sorrow. If you are a Jojo Moyes fan, you will love Rowan Coleman’s writing which is imbued with a little bit of magic and a whole lot of style.

By C. Hope Clark

$16.95 Bell Bridge Books
From award winning author C. Hope Clark comes ECHOES OF EDISTO, the third installment in her Edisto Island Mysteries series.
Callie Jean Morgan is finally beginning to get her footing as Edisto’s new Police Chief. That is, until all hell breaks loose and one of her officers loses his life while attempting to free a car from the marsh, where it has crashed. On the face of things this looks like a freak accident but Callie’s instincts say otherwise. Sara, the driver of the car, is an older neighbor whom Callie wants to protect, but she can sense that Sara’s hiding something. To make matters worse, Callie’s overbearing mother suddenly appears on the scene, leading Callie to wonder if she was complicit in Sara’s accident. And as the clues pile up and suspicions mount, so too do questions about her mother’s motives and the history between the two women.
Meanwhile, the heat is still building between hunky Officer Mike Seabrook and Callie. Logistics and politics have made it hard to get things going, which frustrates both of them to no end. In addition, Mike’s been absent, both physically and emotionally, just when Callie’s needed him most, and this only adds to her angst. But when she comes to find that he’s close to solving his wife’s mysterious death and has been working overtime to do so, she tries to cut him some slack; a tall order for our fiery heroine who over-thinks everything including her increasing desire for booze. And as secrets from the past come hurtling towards her with a vengeance, mounting danger combined with Callie’s struggle to keep her patience, which is already set on a hair’s trigger, threaten to be her undoing.
As usual, Ms. Clark delivers a riveting ride, with her irrepressible characters set squarely in the driver’s seat. If it wasn’t so much fun to be re-united with Callie Jean Morgan and the rest of the Edisto gang I might have to scold Clark for keeping me up way past my bedtime.  But lucky for her, this read is worth every lost wink.

THE REDUCETARIAN SOLUTIONTHE REDUCETARIAN SOLUTION: How the Surprisingly Simple Act of Reducing the Amount of Meat in Your Diet Can Transform Your Health and the Planet
By Brian Kateman

$16.00 Tarcher Penguin
If you are concerned about Global Warming and want to reduce your carbon footprint there are many steps you can take in your daily life. Of course, you can recycle, drive a fuel efficient car and eat locally produced food. But did you know that, according to a study by the University of Minnesota, if you ate more plant-based proteins you could help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 55%? Educator and TEDx speaker, Brian Kateman, has made it his mission in life to inform the public about this fact and in so doing, he’s coined the phrase “Reducetarian” which refers to a person who reduces the amount of meat he or she consumes on a daily basis. And in his new book, THE REDUCETARIAN SOLUTION Kateman presents a collection of more than 70 essays written by some of the most creative and outspoken advocates of the “Reducetarian” strategy which will both entertain and inform you.
Luminaries such as Seth Godin, Jeffrey Sachs, Susan Page, Pete Singer and Pete Wedderburn lend their wonderful voices to this simple-yet-effective strategy which suggests that rather than giving up animal protein entirely, we choose to eat meat on a part-time basis, making not only ourselves but our planet much, much healthier. And featuring what he calls “The Reducetarian Toolbox” Kateman tells how to stock the Reducetarian pantry, equip the Reducetarian kitchen and arms us with a plethora of Reducetarian recipes that will make your new part-time plant-based diet both easy to prepare and scrumptious.

A book whose time has definitely come, this is one you’ll want to share with everyone you know. Kateman, an instructor at Columbia University’s Earth Institute for Environmental Studies is a revolutionary thinker wrapped in the guise of a witty and informed raconteur which makes the information here not only palatable and inviting but it will change your life without turning your lifestyle upside down. / Issue 192 - June 3931
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