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By Karina Solá


Now that summer is coming to an end, it’s time to latch onto it for dear life and never let it go! That’s right baby, bathing suits will be on the clearance rack soon, and Labor Day (or as I like to call it, National Pool Closing Day) is a month away! So that means it’s time to get splashy with these amazing bathing suit trends! And you might as well get your nails “did” too! Check out this season’s most popular bathing suit styles and matching nail design ideas!

High-Necked Collar
The biggest trend that you will see on girls of all ages at beaches and water parks is any manner of color or style
High-Necked Collar bathing suit. These suits are everywhere, and everyone has one, and you should too! The 70’s style of having a garment taper up to your neck from your bosom and exposing the beautiful details of your shoulders is an oldie but a goodie. It’s a way to show off what you got, without showing too much. It’s sexy and you keep it classy all at the time same time. And the way that the fabric adorns your neck has the optical illusion of making your neck seem longer which ultimately makes you appear slimmer. There are so many bathing suit designs that you can find online, or in stores, that feature the high-necked collar. Many have what is called the caged look which is a split in the cleavage of the garment that is tied or laced in to make an interesting take on a bikini top.

Long Stringy Tapered Tassels

Another hollar back to the carefree days of Woodstock and 10¢ stamps are long curtain like tassels. The tassel trend never really goes away does it? Nope. It’s so loose and free and just plain cool that we fashionistas just keep coming back to it in one way or another. This summer, it’s all about long tassel-y bikini tops with a stringy bikini bottom. The bold rainbow colors of the featured tassel suit above is too cute to not be a little jelly of. But why be jealous? You can find similar styles around $16 on the Wish app!

Cold Shoulder Ruffles

The cold shoulder ruffled look has been all over the fashionscape here recently. From blouses, to dresses and most definitely bathing suits, whether you rock a two piece or feel more comfortable in a “monokini” (That’s what they are calling one pieces now, isn’t that funny?) You gotta know, it’s all about the ruffles and showing off that shoulder skin. The simple cold shoulder monokini featured above has a classic yet simple design that has the power to make you look mysterious and cute as hell! The matching nail design is also simple, yet appears complex at the same time. It’s also finished with a subtle holographic top coat.

The Vintage Pin-Up Suit

Who says you shouldn’t take notes from your grandma’s day? No suit will make you feel more glamorous than a retro styled pin-up halter top bathing suit. Unleashed your inner Marilyn Monroe or Rita Hayworth and head to the beach in style! There are many different vintage designs available in the world now because the trend is so popular and still going strong! You can’t beat a classic! Speaking of pop, These polka-dot nails to match the above suit are super easy to do yourself. All you need is a dotting tool. And add a pop of color to make it sinful in all the right ways.


Bold Tropical Floral Prints

Bold Tropical florals seem to me, personally, to have had a BOLD reboot in this past decade. Is it just me? I just remember being so bored with floral in my youth. It was “old grandma” clothing to see a dress or a bathing suit made with floral print fabric. Now, I CANNOT GET eNoUgH! Bold floral print outfits and ensembles dominate the clothing market. I challenge you to find a store that does not sell something, or several somethings that are made with floral print of some kind. Above, I have featured yet another high-necked swimsuit, but this one features a brightly colored background, with tropical fronds scattered all over. It’s bold and beautiful and the epitome of what is popular in this generation. Just so you can get a visual on what I’m talking about, here’s a comparison I’ve made using fabric from the 1920’s and now.


Geometric Neon Bikini
Calling all Hotties with a Body! This is the bikini for you! The suit above has bright in-your-face NEON pink and NEON yellow geometric shapes. Is this a bathing suit, or lingerie? You be the judge! But you at least have to try the matching nail design for this suit. It’s super easy to achieve the gradient look on your nails. All you need is a cheap makeup sponge, and you just dab dab it onto your nails and then immediately follow it with a clear top coat. Nothing screams “SUMMER!” more than this bright and happy ensemble. 


High Waisted

So I saved these amazing bikini bottoms for the bottom.... Ba da bum! I LOVE HIGH WAISTED bottoms! Why? Because, they hide your muffin-top and make your midriff area look amazing! This galaxy, high waisted tankini that I really really want, can be found on The matching galaxy nails can be achieved by using small pieces of makeup sponge to blot different galaxy colors in cloud patterns over a black base. Finish with a small dotting tool to make stars and seal it all in with a clear top coat.

I’ve also added a couple bonus swimsuit styles that I think deserve an honorable mention: Corseted One-Piece   &   Crocheted One-Piece... 
So, next time you are planning to be wipped out at a water park, or you see a Beach day in your future. Pull out your shopping apps and swipe through what's up. You may just love what you find and be surprised by the price! / Issue 194 - July 2018
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