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By Sammi Potts

From coconut oil to juice cleanses, it seems like there is always a new health craze to try. If you’ve heard about essential oils, you may assume that this is another fleeting phase that will quickly fade to the background. Yet the use of essential oils dates back over 5,000 years to ancient Egypt, where aromatic botanicals were used for everything from mummification to health care. Try these natural and invigorating tips for incorporating essential oils into your routine.

Grapefruit – This uplifting and invigorating super-fruit is helpful for supporting a healthy metabolism and can increase motivation for weight loss. Add a couple drops of the essential oil into your water each morning and feel the difference. Grapefruit also promotes clarity and purification. Apply a drop to skin blemishes for a glowing, clear complexion.

Melaleuca -  Also known as tea tree oil, Melaleuca can treat a variety of health concerns. The essential oil is known for its purification abilities; add a couple drops to a glass of water to promote a healthy immune system, use on nails create an anti-fungal layer of protection, or apply on a new tattoo to combat infection. Melaleuca can even be used to ease Swimmer’s Ear. Simply combine a drop of the essential oil with a drop of lavender and apply with a cotton ball to the effected area.

Lavender – Lavender is one of the most popular and versatile essential oils, known for its soothing, calming qualities. Rub a drop or two onto your palms to ease anxiety or heal dry skin. Lavender is also commonly used as a sleep aid – just a few drops of oil on your pillow will ease you into a deep and peaceful sleep. You can even mix a drop with water for your kids to use as “monster spray” before bedtime. Not only will it keep away creatures under the bed, but also relax your kids and lull them to dreamland.  Finally, blend lavender with coconut oil to treat skin problems, including eczema, bee stings, cuts, and burns.

Lemon – This essential oil is the key to purifying and uplifting your routine. Just one drop of lemon can cure a runny nose and help with allergy relief. Try adding a touch of the oil to your dishwashing detergent to make your dishes sparkle. Lemon can also remove permanent marker and can be used to clean leather. Like many essential oils, you can add a drop to any drink, dessert, or dish to enhance the flavor.

Take your cue after ancient culture and incorporate essential oils into your routine. These four oils are practical and versatile and are the perfect start to embracing natural remedies. / Issue 195 - July 2018
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