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Skin Cream Good Enough To Eat!


by Ocea Demer


There is a Mama in all women. Some of us birth children or innovative ideas and some emerging businesses. I want to introduce you to a woman who has done all three. Her name is Donna Steinman, the Mama of 3 children, and she’s also the CEO of an amazing upwardly mobile company called intriguingly, Medicine Mamas Apothecary.

Like with many a famous brand, the origins of this woman’s vision for changing the beauty and skin care industry, lay with necessity. Often, mothers become disenchanted with mass-produced products and their ingredients. Their thinking is along the same vein of thought as, “there is a flow to life, which is ’natural’ and another force to life which is ‘pharmaceutical’. Mothers learn quickly what works and what doesn’t. Natural seems to work in harmony with the body while pharmaceuticals just Band-Aid the symptoms of a deeper problem...

Bee with flowerSo for those that find pharmaceuticals lacking, they may turn to innovate new products that fulfill a missing need. Some women have done this with natural teas, others with digestive aid products, but Donna chose the Bee and its beautiful honey-borne bi-products of nectar, resins and pollens, and its beautiful synergy with Olive Oil.

The apothecary is located in the beautiful village of Ojai, California, where Donna and her crew lovingly handcraft every jar of their proprietary Bee Magic formula. Bee Magic contains only pure, live, natural ingredients soothing to the skin: Organic extra virgin olive oil, organic beeswax, organic honey, propolis, organic bee pollen and royal jelly.

Donna, like so many women, always seeks the best solutions for taking care of her family by moving them toward the use of Natural and Organic products. But even though there already are Organic Skin Care products on the market, she wasn’t content with their quality, so into the kitchen she went. Her goal was to find the perfect blend that would aid in the healing of all skin types, from babies bumps and bums “diaper rash” at one end of the spectrum, to complete holistic moisturizing and skin repair for adults, on the other.

Baby Mama CreamThe words “Apothecary, Artisan, and Synergism” all come together to create an effective family of skin care products, that are so innovative and special that they stand in a class all their own. It’s not really so surprising when you discover the fact that her ingredients and infusions are so pure that, yes, you can even eat them!
Donna believes that because the skin is the largest organ in the body whatever it is we put on it, we should also be able to be put in our mouths. This can’t be said for products like Vaseline, most Bath or Body works, or even the creams and moisturizers found on your grocery or local drug store shelves. To ingest these products would make you sick!  

The word synergism is very important here, and a very important part of this story. It is actually what prompted me to want to write about Medicine Mama’s, that and the fact that she has created something so good that her sales went from $200,000 in 2011 to $400,00 per month in 2013 and climbing. The word synergism means “the working of 2 or more things together to produce a greater effect of the whole.” But get this!  Donna does it in 5’s. She has 5 products in her product line and almost all the products have 5 ingredients.

Donna Founder of Bee MagicOne could say that Donna is a true alchemist, using a Bio-infused curing process in creating her products. Her Bio-infusion takes 30 to 45 days to gestate, before its ready to be packaged and shipped. To me, the quality of natural products and their positive effect on a person’s system is another reason to get back to working with nature in supporting small cottage industries that produce products with love and care and purity! Two things that Donna knows is important in life are “Nature and Nurture” and that’s what her products are made from, and born to do. It’s not something huge corporations like Clorox, the company that now owns Bert’s Bees, currently takes the time to do.

 I asked Donna what was the one thing she does that she feels helped make her so successful in such a short period of time. She replied,  “I don’t manage people, which is  just another way of saying ‘I don’t manage egos’, its impossible! I hire very motivated, happy people who manage to work and think and produce from a place of maturity, and they are all involved doing what they love inside the company. Again, it’s a part of our synergism!”

Bee Magic CreamAs a side bar, I personally believe that Herbal remedies have worked for as long as man has been on this planet, while the world of western medicine has only been around for under a hundred years. That’s where the term “practicing medicine” comes from. Nature has already created all the things you need to be healthy, so we don’t need to out guess a system that’s proven itself right over millions of years. We just need to continue to support and use natural products like Medicine Mama’s Apothecary.

Donna and crew lovingly handcraft every single jar of Bee Magic using a proprietal alchemical formula. As Donna says, “With every golden batch of Magic we create, we send deep gratitude and love to the sweet Honey Bee whose only job is to produce miracle healing food that bestows greater health, growth, radiant life and vitality upon all who use this heavenly golden healing nectar.”

So for all you Mamas out there who inspire through your innate nature to nurture, click here for a chance to win a complete set of Medicine Mamas Apothecary Products!

For more information about Donna and her healing line of products, check out: / Issue 197 - July 2018
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