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$19.99 Simon & Schuster

If you are a fan of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert than you’ll love the new compilation
STEPHEN COLBERT’S MIDNIGHT CONFESSIONS based on the popular segment he frequently showcases.

Colbert, a Catholic in good standing, uses the trappings of the confessional to poke fun at the misadventures of everyday life. As funny on the page as they are when Colbert delivers them on air, this collection of “sins” are relatable because they’re things we’ve all thought about but never had the courage to admit in public such as: “When I hear about a mountain-climbing accident, part of me always thinks, ‘Well…yeah.’” ”When the treadmill asks me to enter my weight, I do-from that one time I had mono in college.”  “I never joined the mile-high club, but I am in the Greyhound bus terminal utility closet guild.” Each of these confessions is funnier than the last and with kitschy illustrations peppering the pages of this great little tome; you’ll get your fill of visual laughs as well.

Compiled by The Late Show’s talented staff of writers, as well as fans of the show, this collection is must have for Colbert fans and every one they know.

By Nicola Cornick
$15.99 Graydon House

From Internationally best-selling author Nicola Cornick comes the riveting and romantic tale of three women united across four centuries in their search for justice, destiny and true love.

It’s the winter of 1662 and Elizabeth Stuart, The Winter Queen is on her deathbed and in the company of her most trusted Cavalier, William Craven. As a member of the Knights of the Rosy Cross, Elizabeth entrusts him with one of the most important relics of the order: The Sistrin Pearl. Reported to possess magic powers such as divination and destruction, especially when used in conjunction with an equally powerful diamond encrusted Magic Mirror, Elizabeth fears that the Pearl could be dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands. Craven swears to protect the relic and builds Ashdown Estate to honor his Queen and hide the Pearl away.

We find ourselves transported to 1801 as Lavinia Flyte, mistress to Lord Evershot, comes to reside at Ashdown House despite her better judgement. A lonely prisoner living in a gilded cage Lavinia finds herself drawn to a surveyor who comes for a lengthy stay at Ashdown, ostensibly to map the Estate. But as he and Lavinia begin a torrid affair he reveals the real purpose of his visit: to locate the Sistrin Pearl which is rumored to be sequestered on the property. Challenging Lord Evershot and his authority, Lavinia risks everything to find the Pearl first and free herself from his violent, cruel grasp forever.

Jumping forward to the present day we meet Holly Ansell who comes into the possession of the Magic Mirror and Lavinia’s diary which offers clues as to the Pearl’s location. A glass engraver who lives in London, Holly takes up residence in The Mill House located on the original Estate’s grounds when her brother Ben, co-owner of the property, goes missing. And as she searches for Ben she begins to research the long-forgotten history associated with The Winter Queen and Lavinia Flyte and finds she has more in common with them than she ever might have dreamed.

A compelling and fascinating read, this novel will keep you turning the pages. Cornick has a talent for creating flesh and blood characters that you come to care about and plot lines that weave together in a glittering, time-jumping tapestry. Well-researched and passionately crafted, this gripping story within a story, within a story is a must read for those who have a penchant for historical fiction.

 RESCUED What Second-Chance Dogs Teach Us About Living with Purpose, Loving with Abandon, and Finding Joy in the Little ThingsRESCUED What Second-Chance Dogs Teach Us About Living with Purpose, Loving with Abandon, and Finding Joy in the Little Things
By Peter Zheutlin
$16.00 Tarcher Penguin

In his new book RESCUED, New York Times bestselling author Peter Zheutlin delivers a heartwarming romp into the world of Second-Chance dogs and the people who save them.

Peter Zheutlin didn’t start out his life as a dog owner, nor was he a man on a mission to save the lives of unwanted dogs. But as empty nest syndrome set in so too did a yearning for canine companionship and after perusing the Labs4rescue website he and his wife were introduced to a yellow Lab mix named Albie and promptly fell in love. From that moment on the couple found themselves embarking a journey they never set out to make which changed their lives for the better. And as Zheutlin chronicles their incredible journey with Albie, he also weaves in stories of other rescue dogs and their families, shedding light, not only on the millions of unwanted dogs living in the U.S., but on the transformational effects these dogs have on the “forever families” that adopt them.

This compelling narrative is written with humor, heart and a whole lot of grace. As a person who had been rescuing dogs for years, I found myself drawn to Zheutlin’s enthusiasm and straightforward attitude. As he so rightly puts it: “Rescue is all about setting the world right, one dog at a time.” / Issue 197 - July 2018
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