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There's nothing more classically cool than rock 'n roll! Even in the 21st century, where digital synthesizers have made an enormous impact on the way music is made and what sounds are popular, old-school rock styles still have a stronger-than-ever audience. And whether it's just nostalgia, or the endearing sound of a classic electric guitar riff, vintage rock is also cooler than ever. From Jack White to the Black Keys, check out this list of Dish's favorite six-stringed garage band rebels.

Jack WhiteJACK WHITE, Master of Mayhem

This master of mayhem was one of the first to pioneer the vintage scene back in the early 2000's with his two-piece band The White Stripes. With his then-wife Meg White playing the drums, Jack took to his guitar and gave us “Fell in Love with a Girl”, a quirky throwback jam that could actually be considered groovy. Several solo projects and bands later, White still never lost the edginess of blues and garage rock. After duos with classic greats such as Loretta Lynn, opening an indie record label and a vinyl record store in Nashville, both called Third Man Records, White has sought to keep the magic of classic blues and rock alive.

His latest record and single Lazeretto, released in June of 2014, found both commercial and critical acclaim, proving that White is still the king of garage rock.  Recently, he and Loretta Lynn were presented with stars on Nashville's Music City Walk of Fame Park.


Royal BloodROYAL BLOOD, Runs Blue

This British rock duo is made up of bassist, vocalist Kike Kerr and drummer Ben Thatcher, who formed Royal Blood in Worthing in 2013.  For just a two-man band, without even a six-stringed guitar for that matter, these guys can really make some noise. With cool, hard-hitting blues rock riffs and songs titled “Out of the Black” and “Little Monster”, these guys embody the darker edge of their genre.  In December of 2013, Royal Blood was nominated for the “BBC Sound of 2014” and won.  They've hit the ground running and have been touring ever since.


Beware of Darkness

BEWARE OF DARKNESS, Hailing From Sunny California

Ironically hailing from sunny California, Beware of Darkness brings that “West Coast Party Animal” vibe to their kicking anthems. This three-man rock squad met through a series of interesting circumstances.  After one of Kyle Nicolaides acoustic shows at an R&B club, he met Tony Cupito who was interested in making a band.  They later met Daniel Curcio in Santa Monica, who had just met his long last half-brother there. After fates aligned, this trio released their first EP called Howl in April of 2012. The title track was a broken-down anthem of  “Living the Wild Life”, as they sprung into action across radio stations and music festivals all across the U.S.


Black KeysThe BLACK KEYS Blues Rock

Yet another duo, the Black Keys have lead the charge in blues rock since it erupted once again in 2010.  These guys make the kind of music you cruise down an empty highway to, as they rip up highly distorted guitar solos in between catchy choruses. When Dan Auerbach (vox, guitar) and Patrick Carney (drums) formed the band back in 2001, they mostly toured around their Akron, Ohio hometown playing indy venues on a regular basis.  They built up an underground fan base with their highly-stylized blues and blues rock, but after the garage rock revival of 2010, they blew up with their critically acclaimed album Brothers. They quickly followed up Brothers with El Camino, which featured hot singles such as “Little Black Submarines” and “Lonely Boy” that quickly took over the airwaves.  Their most recent effort, Turn Blue, seems to embrace the keys with “Fever” and offers a smooth rock ballad with “Weight of Love”.



Nashville natives All Them Witches play music like their name suggests- its pure magic.  Like their afore-mentioned blues/garage rock counterparts, they have an edgy distortion to their melodies; however, these guys throw a little psychedelic rock into the mixture. They formed in 2012 when bassist and singer Michael Park, Jr. met drummer Robby Staebler while working at what they called a “corporate hippie store” in Nashville, Tennessee. They decided to start All Them Witches after Staebler brought in his longtime friend Allen Van Cleave into the fold.  They cast their first original musical spell with the EP Mother Electricity in 2012, which was well received in Nashville’s large music community.  They wasted no time making more music, however, as they released their follow up Lightning at the Door in 2013.

Take a moment to check these bands out if you've never heard of them.  It's exciting to see the spirit of rock 'n roll and blues is still alive and well in the world.  May the spirit of freedom and rebellion live on forever! / Issue 197 - July 2018
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