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We all love our furbabies and we love to keep them happy and pampered. Never is this more true than when Christmastime is upon us (or any other December holiday as well...Tis’ the season regardless). So, it goes without saying that any person with a cute fuzzy and a bit of spare time on their hands, may or may not scour Pinterest for pictures of puppies in sweaters and kitties with hats!

petsIn any case, if you’ve never realized, there is an unofficial season for pet clothes. It starts with the weather getting cooler. Here in the states, pet clothes are especially sought after from October until about February. Because who doesn’t want awesome facebook pics, posing with the “Pirate Pup” or “Bat Cat”? This is the time of year to let your creative angst free without fear of getting “The Spock Eyebrow”. Trying to put a shirt on your cat by itself is a very entertaining way to spend two or three minutes. Cats are tricky ones to dress as they usually do not want to cooperate and have no time in their busy cat schedules to deal with your clothing nonsense. But, if you do have a cat that likes to be a sport; that cat will be the life of the Ugly Sweater Party!

Of course, there are some pet companions that keep their furry friends decked in finery all year round. But, the point is, this time of year is especially popular for people to dress their pets in fleece and cotton, fa la la la la, la la la la!

slothWhen it comes to thinking about how to dress your fur child for the party, fret not! There are so many options available for dressing your cat, dog, bunny, ferret, pig, etc. Heck I’ve even seen penguins in sweaters! The imagination of people is never ending! You can’t walk passed the pet aisle in Walmart without seeing the wall of dog sweaters. It’s definitely a THING. Perhaps you have been dressing your doggy for years now? So, you know all about the world of pet fashion. It’s simply joyful and fun to wrap your puppies with love like a present! I’ve even seen pets that have had their fur dyed with non toxic pet safe dye. Animal buddies are transformed into works of art so stunning and breathtaking, that they become a walking ornament! There is a word of caution though when it comes to dying cat fur because they lick themselves so much.

If you, your family and friends are celebrating this festive time of year with an ever popular “Ugly Sweater Party”, why not make the moments really memorable with your furry family too? Think of all the photo opps and laughs that will be shared when you see furbabies on parade sporting their lovely ugly sweaters, coats and costumes!

CatYou can buy cute sweaters and coats for dogs and cats in stores. Or, if you want even more options, you can check the plethora of options online. It may cost you very little, or a whole bag of bones. It all depends on your search criteria. Remember this when you start your christmas shopping for your pet: The more simple the sweater, shirt or coat is for your pet, the better. It won’t be a fun party if you make your furbaby uncomfortable. Make sure that their ears are not being restricted and that the sweater fits comfortably. If you can fit two fingers between the space around the collar area and your pet’s neck, then you’re all good! You can even make your own doggy ugly sweater if you find you are not sewing machine impaired. There are tons of Youtube videos with tutorials on how to DIY a pet sweater/coat.

SweaterPicking out a costume for your pet is a lot of fun and you can get the whole family involved. As long as your furbaby is not freaking out or clearly unhappy, it’s fun to make them look like santa or a reindeer. Just remember that dressing your pet in a costume that covers more than the top part of your pet’s torso is very awkward for him. You should keep the time they are in the costume to a minimum. Always supervise them when they are wearing the garments as wearing clothing is a foreign concept to pets. A thin sweater that just covers the torso on a dog is safe and will help to keep them warm when it’s cold. Especially when she has to go out for a tinkle.

Happy Holidays everybody! May you and your furbabies stay warm and have lots of cheer! / Issue 198 - August 2018
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