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Grab your popcorn and your movie buddies; it’s time to settle in for the movies! It’s cold outside, so the perfect place to be this February, is at the movies! It’s that, or risk being called a mole person because you have not been seen out and about since October. It’s ok! Go out for a bit; be seen! But also, stay warm and get excited! It’s movie time! Here are 9 new movies to look forward to this February in release date order!

Friday, February 2nd: Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built (PG-13)
How about starting out this month of love by having the pants scared off you and your significant other? “Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built”, starring Helen Mirren, follows the
Winchesterloosely based on real events story of Lady Sarah Winchester and the Winchester Mansion. Lady Winchester is the largest stockholder of the Winchester Repeating Arms Co. fortune after the death of her husband.

The thing is, she lives in the giant house with a lot of hired help and construction workers who keep building and building on Lady Winchester’s orders. They build without blueprints, or a purpose or the hint of a project completion date. So this monstrous seven story house (that started out as a small farmhouse, mind you) is a maze without rhyme or reason that the help is constantly getting lost in. This is seen as a problem by authorities and other stockholders. They are starting to see her as an unfit leader of the company and would like to strip Lady Winchester of her title.

On top of all this, there is something sinister lurking in the house maze. Lady Winchester, the consummate grieving widow, believes she is being punished. In fact, she believes that she is being haunted by the spirits of all those who have been killed by guns! 500 rooms, countless spirits, souls, demons and scary bad things that might kill you! It is the house that ghosts built. And guess what folks? This house is REAL! It still exists 50 miles outside of San Francisco. IRL, the Winchester mansion has far less rooms. It has actually become a tourist trap attraction. You can get tickets to see the mansion yourself for $49, and $20 for kids.

Friday, February 9th: Fifty Shades Freed (R)
If you were swept away, years back, by the Fifty Shades craze, then this movie really needs no introduction. I mean, we’ve all read the books with one hand underneath our bed sheets, am I right ladies?! Gentlemen...? Anyways, Fifty Shades Freed is the 50 shadesthird installment of the Fifty Shades of Grey saga. Following Fifty Shades Darker we find that the sexy characters of Christian Gray and Anastasia Steele are now married. They have a billionaire’s honeymoon in Europe and it’s sexy and full of tension and the lack of communication and then communicating. When they get home, some darker characters from the newlyweds’ past resurface. They then proceed to make things complicated aka, give this movie some semblance of a plot. But honestly, who cares about a plot?! We’ve all come to this theater to see some sexy people get naked and get freaky with riding equipment that you normally see in a horse stable! And that’s just what they do! Skirting on the edge of an R rating, it’s a wholesome porno for the whole family! As long as everyone in the family is 17 and older! Featuring Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, Kim Basinger, Rita Ora, Marcia Gay Harden and many more! Be sure to smuggle some wine in a mason jar. Put it in your purse, and wear your comfiest yoga pants. It’s about to get hot and steamy in this movie theater. But you should probably bring your jacket too. Just in case.

Friday, February 9th: The 15:17 to Paris (PG-13)
Based on true events and played by the real life
15:17 to parisheroes themselves! The 15:17 to Paris is the dramatic movie version of an act of heroism that inspired the world. The movie is based on the memoir written by those same heroes and is has the same title. On August of 2015 Spencer Stone, Alek Skarlatos, Anthony Sadler, a British man and two Frenchmen stopped a gunman on a Paris-bound train. The next day the three American young men were international heros and national treasures. And now they get to star in their own movie! How often does that happen?? Now, I could tell you about how it all went down, or you can go and see the movie and have the story told to you in the most vivid way a story can be told.

Friday, February 9th: Peter Rabbit (PG)
You’d think that they would release a movie about a rabbit in April right? But what do I know about movie release dates... what does anyone one Peter Rabbitknow? What do I know is that Peter Rabbit is a great movie to take the kids to go see. It’s also great for adults because it’s got lots of humor laced through for all ages. It almost reminds me of Home Alone because it’s full of high jinx and sabotage.

Voiced by Late Late Night host James Corden, Peter, the rabbit with the blue jacket, has a knack for getting into mischief even if he isn’t particularly looking for it. Set in London, we learn that Peter, Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail and their woodland creature pals are accustomed to having access to their favorite vegetable patch. When a new neighbor moves in, he doesn’t take lightly to having “vermin” eat up the produce in his new garden. Part computer graphics, part live action, this movie is based on the beloved and brightly illustrated children’s books from Beatrix Potter. I am pretty excited about this movie actually. It looks like loads of fun. And with Margot Robbie, Daisy Ridley, Rose Byrne, Sam Neill and even Sia you know it’s worth watching with a full bucket of popcorn.

Friday, February 16th: Black Panther  (PG-13)
Black Panther is the newest installment in the bombardment of Marvel superhero movies. It is the most highly anticipated movie in this list. It is also the first time that a black Marvel superhero character will have his own stand alone feature film. Historical milestone or not, this is still a Marvel m
black pantherovie. So you can expect some great action scenes, powerful performances, awesome graphics, high speed chases, and probably explosions. It’s about time for us to formally meet the Black Panther.

T’Challa is the son of the King of Wakanda. He returns to his home to find that his father has died and that he is now expected to take his rightful place as King of Wakanda. But then an enemy comes into the fray and T’Challa/Black Panther must defend his family, his home, his kingdom and ultimately the fate of the whole world. I have no idea how T’Challa gets his powers to transform into Black Panther. What I do know, is that it is really bad ass and Black Panther has many powerful friends and family members who are right there to fight with him. I’m gonna level with you here, my nerd knowledge of comic books and Marvel movies is below sub par. So I do not want to upset the uber nerds out there with my lack of knowledge about this or any superhero/heroine. I am just excited to see this movie because I really liked the trailer and I’m curious to see what all the hype is about. I would also love to learn about the character of Black Panther because until recently, I had never heard of him. I can imagine that there are more than a few people out there who are in the same boat as me. And that’s great, isn’t it?! We all get to be enlightened together! I also think that the artwork is absolutely stunning with its many tribal designs mixed together with the 1920s art deco style. Black Panther has an all-star cast featuring: Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, Forest Whitaker, Angela Bassett, Daniel Kaluuya, Andy Serkis, and Martin Freeman. Go forth and see it with your nerdy friends!

Friday, February 16th: Early Man (PG)Early Man
Wacky, whimsical and a nostalgic throwback to the Stone Age; Early Man is the latest gag fest from the makers of
Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run. Starring Eddie Redmayne as the innovative but clumsy Dug. Also featuring Tom Hiddleston, Maisie Williams, Timothy Spall, Richard Ayoade and many more.

Dug and his stone age tribe hunt rabbits. They are a rabbit hunting tribe and their ancestors before them were rabbit hunters and the ones before them were also hunters. Needless to say that’s what they do, and it’s in there blood. But things are changing and moving forward in the world outside the tribe. And one day the Stone Age meets the Bronze Age. Dug with his boar sidekick buddy Hognob must unite with his tribe against Lord Nooth and the Bronze age city. Full of shenanigans, laughs and amazing voice talent, Early Man will have you rolling in your theater seat.

Friday, February 16th: Poop Talk (Not Rated)
This movie is a documentary about poop! Poop TalkYaY! Everyone does it, no one wants to talk about it. This is a documentary by comedians and talked about by scientists. The shitty puns are about to burst out of me! I know, I’m 12. But seriously, this movie may be an eye opener and a conversation starter. Poop Talk delves into the psychology and sociology behind what comes out of your behind. It’s a taboo topic, are all know it from a very young age, it’s gross and unseemly to talk in detail about the mechanics of pooping. I mean, think about how put on the spot you feel when you are about to start a game of “Cards Against Humanity”. To find out who goes first, you ask, “Which person here pooped most recently”? It’s an awkward feeling right? Well this documentary is about staring poop in it’s ugly Mr. Hanky face, and saying, “Hey, we can’t avoid you, so let’s embrace you”

We all know it is important to release uncomfortable things trapped inside ourselves. It’s so much better to just let them air out in the open. Like lots of fiber in your diet, it’s healthy to be able to release uncomfortable, built-up information... Am I taking the poop puns too far? Ok, ok, I’ll flush.. I mean stop. The point Poop Talk and I are trying to make is that POOP = TRUTH.

Documentaries can have the reputation of being a bit dry in their content. But I have a feeling that Poop Talk is not going to be your average documentary. The movie has a pretty good chance of keeping your interest, because It has some of the hottest comedians in stand up just talking about poop. Stories, anecdotes and observations that we can all cringingly relate with. Listen to comedians like Kumail Nanjiani, Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family), Nicole Schreiber, Jonah Ray, Nicole Byer, Aisha Tyler (The Talk), Paul Scheer, Rob Corddry, Nikki Glaser, Brad Williams, Nick Swardson and more spread the truth... about poop! This movie is not being released nationwide. So, you should check on the google machine where there is going to be showings, cuz this shit is fresh yo! Ha... couldn’t resist.

Friday, February 23rd: Annihilation (Not Rated)
Annihilation is a sci-fi, horror, mystery thriller based on the bestselling “Southern Reach Trilogy” by Jeff VanderMeer. It stars Natalie Portman who plays a
Annihilationbiologist in search of her missing husband. Annihilation is kind of an apocalyptic movie. It is set in a time where a mysterious force known only as “the shimmer” creates a physical boundary between our world and what lies beyond the “the shimmer”. Scientists and special ops personnel have wandered beyond the shimmer in search of answers and then never returning. The biologist (Portman) is the only person to have returned from the shimmer. It’s a dark movie with impressive graphics and beautiful scenery. The shimmer is getting bigger and there are only more questions. It seems to be destroying everything about our world and making something new to replace it. Chilling! It may just be the edge of your seat kinda movie that you’d wanna watch with your sweetheart. Keep them close!

Friday, February 23rd: Every Day (PG-13)
“I am someone who wakes up in a different body everyday.
Always someone my age. I’m never too far from the last, never the same person twice. I have absolutely no control over any of it...”

Well... that’s a different kind of concept. That’s this “person’s” story and they are sticking to it. How is this not a creepy possession movie?Every Day I mean one day she’s Amy and the next he is Justin. Confusing right? Maybe there is another story with that kind of hook out there, but I’ve not read it. This is a romance movie. So it’s “sweet”. “Everyday I wake up as a new person and just try to live that day, for that person.” See, so sweet I’ve got a cavity. I mean, the shy teenage girl who falls in love with a mysterious being is not new. But, the fact that she never knows who this person is going to be because they are in a different body EVERY DAY is a new twist on an old plot. The teenage girl in question is named Rhiannon... you know, like the song? Anyways, Rhiannon is played by Justice Smith. I swear, I thought this was a Nicholas Sparks movie when I first glanced at it because it definitely has that feel to it. But alas, Every Day is based on a novel by David Levithan. Rhiannon gets to make out with a different person every day, guy or girl it doesn’t matter. All that matters is the beauty within the shell. And who am I kidding?! I am a sucker for a chick flicks, and Every Day gets to be the chick flick of this month. It’s sappy, it’s sweet and it will probably have you going for the box of tissues at some point during it’s 1 hour and 35 minute runtime. / Issue 199 - August 2018
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