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14 Fun, Sexy & Thoughtful

Valentine’s Day No-Money-Needed Gift Guide Ideas

By Solana Hawkenson

What your guy or girl wants more than cheesy gifts for Valentine’s Day this year, is  knowing how much you still adore him or her. Here are 14 special ways to delight that special someone in your life, and not one of them will exceed your budget, no matter how small, because they are, primarily free, or almost free. So why not plan on experiencing more than one of these gifts or (how about all of them?) in the course of the year? Put some effort into a meaningful gift and let your heart speak for itself!

Breakfast in Bed

1. Breakfast in Bed Start the day off right, by showing your loved one how much you appreciate them by whipping up a yummy breakfast in bed. You might throw in a bottle of champagne if you’re feeling a bit frisky, if you know what I mean, or add a Valentine’s touch by serving mimosas with strawberries and toasting to each other.

2. Romantic “Getaway” You don’t have to go far for a romantic getaway with your boo. Enjoy the beauty of the outdoors by taking your loved one on a hiking and/or camping trip to a beautiful place where you can spend some quality time alone together. Escape for a walk along a nearby lake or beach and think of the wonderful life you’ve been leading. Grab a comfy blanket, pack an easy picnic in the park, and be sure to bring along your favorite wine or cocktail in a thermos bottle, to make a good time into a great time.

3. Love Notes Give your guy or a girl a way to have a daily reminder of how much you adore him/her, even if you’re far apart. Get 100 small slips of paper and write down a different reason why you love them on each slip. You can begin each with “I love it when…” or “I love how you…” and thank him/her and let him/her know how much you appreciate all that’s been done by him/her for you.  Put all of the slips in a jar and give to your significant other.

See a Movie

4. See a Movie Hit the matinee for an inexpensive afternoon movie and get out of the theatre just in time for dinner. Or, take advantage of a free Netflix trial and choose from a list of romantic classics in the comfort of your own place.

Make a Playlist

5. Make a Playlist Remember how excited you were to get a mix-tape from your crush back in the day? You can perform the same thoughtful gesture with a playlist made from the heart. Include famous love songs of different genres, or songs that have special meaning for you and your significant other. You can use Spotify or Grooveshark to create the playlist so your loved one can listen to it wherever there’s internet connection.

Dinner & Dessert by Candlelight

6. Dinner & Dessert by Candlelight Make Valentine’s dinner fun by cooking together instead of going out. Dress up the table with pretty candles and splashes of red and enjoy a meal that you both put effort into creating (even if he peels the potatoes and you create the complex dessert- or visa versa). Or end the meal with an easy dessert of chocolate-covered strawberries; feeding them to one another is optional, but encouraged. 

A Romantic Bath

7. A Romantic Bath Indulge in a special Valentine's Day bath together. Light some candles and reach for your favorite scented bubble bath to set the mood. Use this recipe from Chic Galleria for the perfect DIY Valentine’s Day experience:

A Killer Massage

8. A Killer Massage Pick up a scented lotion or your favorite massage oil and spoil your significant other. Your significant other works hard to make you happy, so you can feel good about rewarding him/her. For some killer massage techniques, visit

9. Art from the Heart If you’re musically inclined, play a song that expresses your feelings about your guy or girl, or write an original song just for him or her. Poetry is always romantic; write a little something that highlights all of your favorite parts about your loved one (or how about your loved ones actual parts?) and leave it on a pillow for him or her to wake up to. If you’re not quite that creative, find a good frame for your favorite photo as a couple (or hopefully, soon to be a couple).

10. Revisit Your Past Nothing says romantic like reminiscing. Make reservations at the restaurant where you had your first candlelight dinner together, or visit the place you first met or where you had your first date. Take a new photo in the first place you ever had a picture taken together, and smile at how cute the comparison is.

“A Kiss is Still a Kiss”

11. “A Kiss is Still a Kiss” “You must remember this, A kiss is still a kiss”, says a line from 1942 love song, “As Time Goes By”, reminding us that through the years, a good kiss is still worth plenty. So, plant one on your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day to let them know you still adore him or her, no matter how much time has passed.

12. Wear Something Sexy This is the time for the sexy-yet-impractical underwear, the heels that pinch a little and the dress that’s too revealing for a visit to your grandmother’s. Putting some effort into your look can be a big turn-on for your date. If you know your significant other really likes a certain outfit on you, rock it out and be prepared to be drooled over.

13. Sex! Chocolates and roses are great, but one thing that every couple expects to enjoy on Valentine’s Day is a good romp in the sheets. Don’t be afraid to spice things up. It IS the most romantic day of the year, after all.

14. Do What You Know They Like You know your loved one better than we do. Make the most out of the holiday by knowing you don’t have to spend a fortune to impress your significant other. Seeing that you listen and notice what your loved one values and enjoys is worth more so much more than any commercial gift, no matter how much it costs! / Issue 199 - June 2018
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