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All The Queen's Men is an alternative band with a ferocious and risk-taking streak. Their CD, Madame Static pushes the listener in all directions from rage to heartbreak and back again. The band is over five years old, but only came to its current incarnation when Christine Zuffery, formerly of January, joined in 1999. The band is Catherine Capozzi, Christine Zuffery, Tamora Gooding and Chris Farrell. For more information visit

FEMMUSIC: Describe your songwriting technique?

CC: Our songwriting technique is an ongoing evolving process. We've tried everything from starting with guitar grooves, drum loops and keyboard sounds, to just jamming. With our musical style being "rocktronica", it's helpful to start writing from the drum groove. At rehearsal, we start a jam over a drum groove/loop that Tamora has created. We record the ideas we like and tweak the song from there. Christine adds her keyboard/sample sounds and her lyrical and melodic ideas. Catherine and Chris work on guitar and bass parts. We usually try several different arrangements until we come up with something that feels right to all of us.

Madame Static is a perfect example of every songwriting method that we've utilized (so far). The song "You Want Me", started with one of Catherine's guitar riffs. "Azalaya" was created out of a drum loop. Christine worked with the loop adding keyboards and vocals, and then we all jammed on it at a rehearsal and hammered out the final version. / Issue 20 - September 2018
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