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"Women are kinder, sweeter than men. We don't love you for how you look but how you think"- Isabella Rossellini

"I'm not so easily aroused. For me, it takes quite a long time until the first kiss. It doesn't always have to immediately get out of control and into sex"- Jennifer Lopez

"Everytime I go into a locker room I'm reminded that we all look exactly alike. Somehow, in the flesh, a bunch of people standing around doesn't look like much of anything" - Julianne Moore

"I don't recommend bedding five women at one time. There's just not enough guy to go around"- Charlie Sheen

"When I made 'Interview With The Vampire' I kissed Brad Pitt. So what? He had chapped lips. I'm sure I'd love it now but then I was 11 and it was 'ugh'- Kirsten Dunst

"I love Barry Manilow. He's so schmaltzy. I also used to watch 'Melrose Place'"- David Ducovny

"I'm self-conscious about dancing in public, so I go to Latin Clubs because nobody knows me. Then I can dance badly and no one notices or cares"- David Byrne

"You get dates a lot easier when you're a celebrity, but the having sex part, you're on your own, man"- Drew Carey / Issue 21 - September 2018
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