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There comes a point when you reach a level of maturity, of sophistication. You are no longer a little girl and you do not go gaga over movie stars.


When George Clooney ambles in to his parole hearing in the first scene of Ocean’s Eleven, sophistication doesn’t stand a chance. Even in his (amazingly well-tailored) prison togs and his grubby-looking three-day beard, Clooney causes weak knees in the strongest of females. And if any woman can withstand his charm in that scene, then she’ll certainly be a puddle a few seconds later, when Clooney’s all cleaned up and you can really see how much his eyes twinkle when he offers that irresistible half-smile.

His sexy self-assurance sets the tone for the new remake of a 1960 Frank Sinatra/Rat Pack film about a group of con artists and thieves who plot an impossible heist – three casinos in one night for a payoff of a very cool $150 million. Clooney plays Danny Ocean, the idea man, who begins gathering his team as soon as he’s released from prison. He’s the leader of an incredible ensemble cast that includes Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Elliott Gould, Matt Damon, Don Cheadle, Casey Affleck, Bernie Mac and Andy Garcia.

“The casting started with George, who I had always thought should play Danny,” director Steven Soderbergh says. / Issue 21 - September 6389
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