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One of the most frustrating things that happens as an artist promoting her own music is, "the cancellation of the meeting"……I mean, I come all the way from Northern California to LA to meet with this publicist….and two hours before the meeting she calls and cancels. 

Oh well..Thank God for friends in times like these...Friends like Joanne Reeves, who I met while performing in Hong Kong. We were both there to open a new club called Studio 123. I was hired to perform and she filled the place with autographed movie star memorabilia that time, she was head of publicity under Lou Wasserman at Universal Studios. We have been close ever since the day we met. 

So there we are…..I drive into town. I am staying with Joanne in her darling place in Montrose...she asks if I would like to attend a Rotary meeting with her on the Universal lot at 7am (yikes) the next day........but, oh yeah....what are friends for?? While we are driving back in her cute little Caddy, I check my voice mail…and find out that my meeting is cancelled. I was making that annoying noise…you know the one that you do when you are disappointed....with your tongue. I can't spell it but.............Anyway

Joanne, in her subtle way, tells me Ohhhhh, I just happen to have this invitation for the Los Angeles Women's Press Cub luncheon in about one hour at La Dome honoring Barbara Eden….Want to go? "Well what are we waiting for?" I said. 

So off we were.......... 

Can I tell you what it feels like to meet a real pop icon?..Jeannie?..and so much more. I mean, I couldn't stop thinking of her crossed arms and the blink. I'm guilty! I was thinking it the whole time. Please Jeannie, blink for me....I wanted so desperately for her to do it I was a child again. How many times have I watched that show???? There she was in the flesh.......and I was meeting her! 

What an absolutely gracious woman….. beautiful, inside and out!!! 

All that you would hope that she would be….SO................. 

Go with the flow. You never know what can be exciting around the corner. 




LINDA / Issue 21 - September 0046
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