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Mother always said, "Take Your Vitamins", and now that you're all grown up you know why-they're good for you!

Did you know that after only thirty minutes in the midday sun, the amount of Vitamin E in your skin decreases by up to 50%? (and that's not good!) Though your skin needs this essential nutrient, your body cannot manufacture it by itself. So here are your choices- you can eat foods high in Vitamin E such as spinach, avocados or egg yolks (not always practical), you can take a Vitamin E tablet everyday (if you remember), or you can just wash your hands and your body with Colgate Palmolive's new "Softsoap Vitamins" featuring E + C + A, available in Original formula and for Sensitive Skin.

Kiss skin damage from air pollution, ultraviolet rays, and gas emissions good-bye; when you take a shower with Softsoap Vitamins Body Wash (12 oz size- $3.99), the Vitamin E stays on your skin for up to 15 hours. And when you wash your hands with Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap (7.5 oz pump- $1.65), the Vitamin E stays on your hands for up to five hours.

Keep your skin looking young and fresh! Lather Up! / Issue 22 - September 8620
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