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Don't miss the reissue of Ragged Old Flag, the first LP of his 45-year recording career for which he wrote EVERY song, and the Columbia/Legacy Love*God*Murder, a unique boxed-set trilogy produced by Cash himself, and including liner notes written by June Carter Cash (On LOVE), Bono of U2 (GOD) and Quentin Tarantino (MURDER). Each of their notes was complemented in turn by Cash's own thoughts on the subject at hand.

In case that's not enough, Mr. Cash is currently in the studio recording a new record, while his friends are working on a star-studded tribute album in his honor. Watch for them, due out later this year.

In case all this iconic music is not enough, the following are some remarks (including my own) that honor Johnny Cash and his many talents and achievements on this happy occasion of his 70th birthday!

The first time I ever saw Johnny Cash was during a TV taping of the Johnny Cash Show at the Ryman Auditorium. I was very young at the time, and just beginning my career in photography. I'd flown down to Nashville (my first business trip!) from NYC with my friend, an aspiring writer who had arranged for a magazine assignment and the appointment to interview and photograph Mr. Cash. I was very excited to meet the legendary (and fearsome) "Man In Black".

When we arrived at the Ryman, it seemed that no one knew anything about us, or that we were coming. While my friend hurried off to hopefully find her contact, I sat quietly on the edge of the huge Ryman stage, camera bag beside me. I was hoping no one would notice me, for fear I'd be kicked out.

All of a sudden, I felt a presence behind me, and turned to see who it was. It was Johnny Cash himself. I almost had a heart attack, I was so nervous. He said, "Hello, little lady, I'm Johnny Cash. Is there something I can do for you?" in that incredible voice he has. / Issue 22 - September 2018
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