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Yes, he's talented. Let's put that aside for now as a fact to return to later, and focus instead on Matthew McConaughey's face. It's not an uncommon thing to do. He's a movie star. Heck, the guy was voted Most Handsome back in high school, so it’s not as if he's not used to it.

So. The face.

His angled cheekbones, his dazzling, Tom-Cruise-eat-your-heart-out, smile. Those denim blue eyes. And the wavy mop of light brown hair that sets it all off so beautifully. His looks alone could have been enough for a Hollywood career, and then he comes on so goofy and adorable in movies like EdTV and The Wedding Planner, that he manages to be both devastatingly handsome and cuddly. Not a typical combination.

But then he shows yet another dimension. Intensity. Think A Time To Kill or U-571. His face closes in on itself. The eyes narrow, the smile disappears, perspiration beads appear on the forehead. He's still handsome, but not so cuddly anymore. It's an amazing transformation from one role to the next, and McConaughey enjoys the switch. It's why he chose to become an actor. "The fun part is going to embody someone else -- another man's mind and gut and usually taking my heart with me and giving the man my heart somehow. That's about the / Issue 23 - July 2018
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