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The more you find out about spa life, natural and fresh healing herbs and flowers, treatments and wraps and rubs, and all-natural beauty products the more, it seems-there is to know. The totality of the experience continues to unfold, and becomes more and more intriguing.

We believe that if you want to know something...ask an expert! Dish is pleased to share the experiences of Lynne Vertrees and Jaana Raud, two women we are acquainted with and admire, for their sincerity, talent and open-minded attitudes and for sharing their ideas about health and beauty with us!

Why go to a spa? Jaana: There are many reasons. One is to pamper yourself, to exfoliate your skin and detoxify your body. Another is for health or fitness reasons.You can get a massage to relax or for healing.

Lynne: We like to think that people come to our spa to escape. Of course, there are many different reasons and each is individual-to get back into a healthy lifestyle, or a person is experiencing a life change like a mid-life crisis or divorce or getting over an illness, a loss of a family member, for lots of different reasons.

How does a person choose a spa? Jaana: One way is to look at the menu of the spa you are interested in to see if it offers the services you're looking for. If so, you can come and experience the spa to see if you find the right fit. It's also important to have a connection with the therapist you are working with. / Issue 23 - September 2018
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