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So you're feeling a little under the weather? Don't just camp out on the sofa with a box of tissues and a bottle of Nyquil. Instead, hang out with new friends, indulge in a bite of chocolate or have sex! These are just a few immune system-boosting, stress-reducing ways to protect ourselves from a cold. Marital conflicts, conflicts with friends, being unemployed or underemployed also make us vulnerable. In order to boost the release of immunity-enhancing chemicals in the body, it makes sense that we need to reduce our stress level. In addition to sex, chocolate and having a social life, we can also listen to music, stroke a pet, and stay away from too much sugar (sweets suppress our white blood cell count, so don't eat the entire box of Godiva).


Before you start smooching with that new summer lover, you might want to think about the state of their pearly whites. According to a study published by the Journal of the American Dental Association, the same bacterium that causes general cavities may be transmissible through saliva while kissing. So if your sweetie has a case of "yuck mouth," watch out.

However, if your partner is blessed with healthy teeth and gums, the Academy of General Dentistry says that kissing may actually help to prevent cavities. Kissing intensely stimulates the production of mouth-cleansing, cavity-busting saliva, hence protecting the teeth and gums.

To check the state of your mouth, ask your dentist to perform a Cavity Risk Test, a procedure in which the dentist can check an individual's level of bacteria, then design an appropriate regimen to fight it. New York City dentist Dr. Elisa Mello performs the test for her patients. Contact your local dentist's office to find out if they're qualified.


According to the American Dental Association, about 60% of Americans have gum disease, but only a mere three percent opt for gum surgery to prevent / Issue 24 - September 7864
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